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Photos from WinnipegFolkFestival in BirdsHillPark on 2002-Jul12:
(a) performers:
WFF-2002: El Bando Mando-workshop WFF-2002: Lucie Idlout WFF-2002: Lucie Idlout WFF-2002: Ellen McIlwaine WFF-2002: Colin Linden WFF-2002: Ellen McIlwaine WFF-2002: Blues-workshop WFF-2002: Alice Peacock + Ron Sexsmith WFF-2002: Alice Peacock WFF-2002: Martina Sorbara WFF-2002: Mason Jennings WFF-2002: Jane Bunnett WFF-2002: Al Simmons-w-firework WFF-2002: Al Simmons-throwing-granny

(b) audience:
WFF-2002-folkies: dancing WFF-2002-folkies: dancing WFF-2002-folkies: tattooed WFF-2002-folkies: many WFF-2002-folkies: many-w-zoom WFF-2002-folkies: applauding WFF-2002-folkies: Margaret+Iris WFF-2002-folkies: mainstage-tarps WFF-2002-folkies: front-row