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Photos from Woodridge on 2003-Jun10:
Richardsons alumroot (Heuchera richardsonii): New-Jersey tea (Ceanothus herbaceus): cbc-hunt: me+Harebell (Campanula rotundifolia) cbc-hunt: me + American vetch (Vicia americana) wrong vetch cbc-hunt: Doris + American vetch (Vicia americana) wrong vetch Marble-winged butterfly (Euchloe ausonides): Early coralroot (Corallorhiza trifida): Mosquito (Culicidae sp): 3 on one finger Prairie groundsel (Packera plattensis): flowers Prairie groundsel (Packera plattensis): leaves blurred Prairie groundsel (Packera plattensis): plant blurred
-- Note: Prairie groundsel=Packera plattensis was Prairie ragwort=Senecio plattensis;