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Photos from MOS-Orchid-Show on 2007-Mar23:
NOCI-display: seed-capsules a long-term legacy Orchid-Show: overall view of people and members of the Orchid-family (Orchidaceae sp) Cattleya-orchid (Cattleya sp): Cattleya-orchid (Cattleya sp): Blc Cashens Silk Dor Cattleya-orchid (Cattleya sp): LC Mildred Rives Orchidglade AMAOS Phal (Phalaenopsis sp): Phalaenopsis Cym (Cymbidium sp): Latigo boat-orchid (Cymbidium latigo): Paph (Paphiopedilum sp): Paphiopedilum delenatii Phrag (Phragmipedium sp): Phragmipedium Eric Young Rocket Fire x Phragmipedium besseae Cow Hollow: