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Inuvik-trip day-1 (Winnipeg-MB to IndianHead-SK) on 2008jun23

Photos from St-Francois Xavier MB on 2008-Jun23:
the: St-Francois Xavier Horse (Equus ferus caballus)

Photos from near Wapella SK on 2008-Jun23:
Marsh ragwort (Senecio congestus): plant Marsh ragwort (Senecio congestus): flowers Gmelins buttercup (Ranunculus gmelinii)?: Gmelins buttercup (Ranunculus gmelinii)?: flowers Saline plantain (Plantago eriopoda):

Photos from near IndianHead SK on 2008-Jun23:
roadkill: Badger (Taxidea taxus) roadkill: Badger (Taxidea taxus)