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Inuvik-trip day-23 (Beaverlodge-AB to Whitecourt-AB) on 2008jul15

Photos from along the railroad-tracks in Beaverlodge-AB on 2008-Jul15:
Smooth aster (Symphyotrichum laeve): clump Canada goldenrod (Solidago canadensis): clump Tumbling mustard (Sisymbrium altissimum): flowers+pods Yellow lettuce (Lactuca serriola)?: or Hawkweed (Hieracium sp) or Narrow-leaved hawksbeard (Crepis tectorum)? Alpine hedysarum (Hedysarum alpinum): clump Fireweed (Epilobium angustifolium): flowers+buds Prickly rose (Rosa acicularis): Tumbling mustard (Sisymbrium altissimum): plant with pods+flowers Tumbling mustard (Sisymbrium altissimum): flowers

Photos from the CulturalCentre in Beaverlodge-AB on 2008-Jul15:
building: Beaverlodge Cultural Centre info: on Beaverlodge district Agriculrtural Hall of Fame art: painting by Donna Kaut info: on painting by Donna Kaut info: on McNaught Homestead Project art: drawing by Euphemia McNaught art: painting by Euphemia McNaught art: painting Cranberries by Jean Wagner art: plaque by Euphemia McNaught info: on plaque by Euphemia McNaught object: stained-glass group-2008: having tea art: by Euphemia McNaught mounted on large rock art: by Euphemia McNaught closer Red elderberry (Sambucus racemosa): with berries Manitoba maple (Acer negundo): building: Beaverlodge Cultural Centre and Beaver (Castor canadensis) from afar
-- note: the Beaverlodge Cultural Centre features the art of Euphemia McNaught, a renowned local artist;

Photos from SaskatoonMountain SE of Beaverlodge-AB on 2008-Jul15:
Tall delphinium=Tall larkspur (Delphinium glaucum): plants Tall delphinium=Tall larkspur (Delphinium glaucum): flowers me: with Tall larkspur (Delphinium glaucum) me: with Tall larkspur (Delphinium glaucum) closer Raups paintbrush (Castilleja raupii): plant Raups paintbrush (Castilleja raupii): flower-head Raups paintbrush (Castilleja raupii): plant Bracted honeysuckle=Twinberry honeysuckle (Lonicera involucrata): foliage+fruit Bracted honeysuckle=Twinberry honeysuckle (Lonicera involucrata): fruit malformed Bracted honeysuckle=Twinberry honeysuckle (Lonicera involucrata): fruit Bracted honeysuckle=Twinberry honeysuckle (Lonicera involucrata): flower Clasping twisted-stalk (Streptopus amplexifolius): plant Clasping twisted-stalk (Streptopus amplexifolius): seed-pod Pink pyrola (Pyrola asarifolia): and Bunchberry dogwood (Cornus canadensis) with berries Parsley fern (Cryptogramma crispa):

Photos from NW of Whitecourt-AB on 2008-Jul15:
sign: on highway for Flos Cottage