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Big Bear shot Saddle Hills Alberta, Sept 20/2010
These two gents were calling elk in the Saddle Hills south of working when this big guy slipped in on the caller the shooter spotted the bear 8 yards from the caller and dropped him with 5 shots out of his 338 Rem Mag.. Farmers in the area knew about the Bear but weren't able to track after it had killed 3 horses, 5 cows, 13 sheep and a pen full of chickens on several
Different homesteads in the area. Fish and wildlife had bear traps set up in the area but notice on surveillance video that whenever he would enter his hump would hit the top of the culvert trap slowing him enough that the trap door would wack him on the head before he was all the way in check out the bait.
Scar tissue on his face...
The bear weighed in just under 1300 pounds and would have stood 11 ≤ feet tall on its hind legs...

Photos from Saddle Hills south of working on 2010-Sep20:

Grizzly bear: Grizzly bear: Grizzly bear: Grizzly bear: Grizzly bear:
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I received the above from someone who shall remain anonymous.  Someone who's been living (and hunting) in the Alberta foothills, whom I've hardly seen in the last 40 years, ergo whom I know not very well, sent this as an MS-Word document along with images as separate JPEG files, giving the impression that it's semi-original material.  At least I was taken in by its appearance. 

(Note that he is a hunter, lives in that area, and furthermore the younger fellow in the photos bears a strong resemblance to him, except much younger, so I thought I was probably seeing his son; I've never met his children.)

Although taken in, I google in trying to make sense of the place-name so confusingly given as "Saddle Hills south of working".  Which brings up many near-identical copies of the story with identical photos including one huntingbc.ca/forum/showthread.php?t=61604 that has some history and provenance info:  apparently some versions say Alaska, some say "40 K's south of Grande Prairie Alberta", and Leaseman says "these pics are getting worn out doing the circut for years".

The practical reasons for not sending things in such a form I've explained in Send links not copies;  then there are ethical reasons;  and then there's being considerate toward your friends: if they're anything like me then the first thing they'll want to know is the source and a link provides that, with no extra effort on your part!!  Sending a copy does not!! 

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