Donna Walling's photos of Owl - species to be identified  (uploaded on 2002-July02)

Here are photos of an unusual owl seen in Stanwood WA by Donna Potts-Walling, as discussed in the "What kind of owl?" thread of 

Owl what-kind? Owl feather-left-by

Donna writes:  "Its a toss up between Barred Owl and Spotted Owl ...  Really would like it to be a Spotted".

Donna writes on 2002Jun29:

This morning Heidi had to go out at 5:30, (normal weekday wake up time).  And while taking my morning pills, looking out at my garden.  On the post of my clothes line one of my barred Rock chickens was was an OWL!  Watching my fish pond.

Not sure pic will turn out, I had aperture set low like 4-8 ish.  But no one was moving.  took several out the window, and even Heidi's barking at him only made him turn his head toward me.  click, click.  I went outside, and I first thought he was gone, but no, now he stood next to my pond.  but then I shut the door and he flew off.

my bird book shows black and white photo's of owls.  What owl, would look like a dark gray and white barred rock chicken at first sight?  I would guess a foot tall to 18 inches (wonder if this is the baby that Jessie, my daughter saw?  or this is the momma?
(Jessie about two weeks ago was walking our Husky off lead in woods.  To see something on trail.  She grabbed Sasha, and found it was a young owl.  Mom was up in the tree!)
We have been hearing an owl behind the house.  Deep, Whoooo.  And I think I heard it capture a rabbit one day I was back there bucking up wood with hand saw.

Anyone got any idea's what this owl species might be?  We are in north Puget Sound on the water, about 1.5 hours south of Canada.

donna potts walling   stanwood, Wa.

Other suggestions posted on mennolink include:  immature Snowy Owl,  Great Horned Owl.