The Map for the Beyond (in a freshly starched apron version) - by Jack Thiessen

When death, shameless stalker he, she, it is and arbitrary to boot, comes lurking, mankind becomes reflexive. And so do I.

Then, as I have noticed with mounting frequency, dee Oola, der Alte comes calling to have a word with me. I have come to enjoy His company and our exchange, heated as it occasionally is.

The over time result is that I have gradually concluded that Eternity is simpler than academics believe and conjecture. In that, or to wit: There is an Afterlife and this Afterlife sans mosquitoes and diseases is basically an extension of what we have come to know here, including the Nippa, Ooltkolonie, Molosh and more recently Reinlaund enn Jrienthol. And inhabitants thereof.

More importantly: The Afterlife represents a resolution of that highly bothersome but ubiquitous item, agenda and fabric called TIME. (To be sinfully explicit: Infinite Speed produces, He suggests, Light, and sin-free environments being devoid of darkness, such are Light. Once Time in lifted and is no more, there is Light and eternity known as Afterlife has arrived.)

A few years ago a Hutterite mystic from Bitburg, Germany, who spent fifteen years in Relief Work in Latin America, and then as a North Carolina resident asked me to translate his documents enabling him to join a local Brotherhood, at which occasion we talked the day away in matters related to the Other Side. For once or twice in a lifetime, ideas and beliefs converge(d) and since then I have the conviction that God, creative Storyteller that He ultimately is, and has always been, (calling to life by the Creative Word) chooses no longer to contain Himself and simply shares His creative ideas in the finest sense of Resseriete. But He does this only if the price is right, the wine of conducive temperature and the setting to His bidding.

Soo ess Hee, soo ess daut.

Now that I have your ear: I am thoroughly convinced that in Eternity there will be Low German spoken Stations, Oasis if you will, for Mennonites at which will gather, and gather as we speak, those we love, have loved and are yet to love. There will be Arbuse and Rollkuake, non-stop and Mozart, always, but above all, Arnold Ditjch, Father G. G. H. Ens, Hauns Hoada and F. Dostoevski, Paul, the Shepherd, Schäfer, Victor Peters, Al Reimer and half of the Kehlers who ever lived, all related and all immune to ulcers as they drink good beer and many, many more, including Obraum Waul, Johaun B. Jiesbrajcht. Name them and He will listen and add them to the list as He has the Table of Tables extended to accommodate all who understand those who understood before them And us!

This, then, is your map upon arrival.



© 2007 Jack Thiessen