Using CanadaPost's SellOnline facility

2009-Jan:  As mentioned in my Canada-Post rant, I first toyed with the idea of using this free facility from Canada-Post in 2008-Jan, when needing to revise shipping rates, but I got side-tracked by my frustration over their site refusing to allow itself to be read by any browser available to those who value free software.  That is a darn shame, and Canada-Post ought to be ashamed of itself!  As if it has any shame:-)

Then, one year later when once again needing to revise shipping rates, I gave it another try.  And got it working.  The required Perl modules are available from CPAN:  Statistics::OLS;  although Business::CanadaPost is available at CPAN, you'll save yourself some grief by starting with the updated version from the link below.  (The good people at Canada Post have avoided meaningful and badly needed improvements such as quoting Oversized-Letter and Light-Packet rates, but have made "change for the sake of change" revisions that serve no useful purpose yet do invalidate previously working interfaces such as that Perl interface, grumble grumble.)

Here is the Perl script.

Here is an updated Business::CanadaPost module to reflect changes at Canada-Post.