Characters Valid in an URL -- by Eugene Reimer 2011-Apr-14

Characters valid in an HTTP Pathname:  Letter  Digit  %XX  ;  :  @  &  =  $  -  _  .  +  !  *  '  (  )  ,

Or in words:  Letter  Digit  PercentHexdigitHexdigit  Semicolon  Colon  At  Ampersand  Equal  Dollar  Dash  Underscore  Dot  Plus  Bang  Star  Stroph  Leftparen  Rightparen  Comma

Because Google's high-ranking results on this subject contain contradictions & errors, say they're about RFC-1738 when it's clear the author has never read that RFC, I've made this webpage on the subject.  This really is about the Characters that are valid in the Pathname part of an HTTP-URL according to RFC 1738. 

The above set of characters is for both Pathname and Search parts of an HTTP-URL that looks like:  "http://"  Host  [ ":"  Port ]  [ "/"  Pathname  [ "?"  Search ]]

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