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Photos from roadside of PR308 on 02jul03:
Wood lily: plant Wood lily: clump Wood lily yellow-form: Wood lily yellow-form: Showy ladyslipper: flower Showy ladyslipper: flowers Showy ladyslipper: plants Blue-flag iris:

Photos from bog east of PR308 on 02jul03:
Showy ladyslipper: flower Showy ladyslipper: flower-inside Crown vetch: Pitcher plant: flowers Calopogon: camera-quirk Calopogon: flower Calopogon: flower Calopogon: double+buds

Photos from a dark and rainy evening at PTH15 east of Anola on 02jul04:
Rose pogonia: wet-at-night Rose pogonia: overexposed-at-night Ox-eye daisy: many at-night Showy ladyslipper: wet-at-night Showy ladyslipper: wet-at-night

Photos from GullLakeWetlands on 02jul09:
Showy ladyslipper: Showy ladyslipper: white Calopogon: Calopogon: pair Showy ladyslipper: Yellow ladyslipper: Northern bedstraw: Wasp: nest Bunchberry: w-red-spots(bad-focus) Pyrola: Calopogon: double Black bear: Black bear: Black bear:

Photos from PTH15 east of Anola on 02jul09:
Rose pogonia: closeup Rose pogonia: Platanthera aquilonis/huronensis: plant sunset: red-sky-at-night