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Photos from NOCI fieldtrip to GullLake+Belair+Beaconia on 02jul20:

Photos from GullLakeWetlands on 02jul20:
Bog bean: fruit Harebell: Harebell: Blunt-leaf rein-orchid: Green adders-mouth: Platanthera aquilonis/huronensis: Round-leaved rein-orchid: Round-leaved rein-orchid: Horned bladderwort: White bog-orchid?: White bog-orchid?: Smooth death-camas=Zigadenus elegans: Showy ladyslipper: plant Showy ladyslipper: Showy ladyslipper: flower group-2002: on-fieldtrip group-2002: on-fieldtrip

Photos from BelairPF on 02jul20:
Greenish-white wintergreen=Pyrola chlorantha: Greenish-white wintergreen=Pyrola chlorantha: Pipsissewa=Princes-pine wintergreen: Bearberry: Blueberry: Tesselated rattlesnake-orchid:

Photos from near Beaconia on 02jul20:
White water-lily: Yellow pond-lily: Purple loosestrife: bird-on-beaverdam: zoom bird-on-beaverdam: wideangle Canada anemone: Swamp milkweed: Swamp milkweed+butterfly: Butterfly: American bittern: Wild morning-glory: Ox-eye daisy: Northern bedstraw: