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Photos from NOCI fieldtrip on 02jul29:

Photos from near FalconLake on 02jul29:
Tesselated rattlesnake-orchid: Spurred gentian=Halenia deflexa: Slender ladies-tresses: Night flowering catchfly: Showy milkweed: clump Showy milkweed: plant Showy milkweed: closeup Bumblebee: on-ShowyMilkweed Brittle prickly-pear-cactus=Opuntia fragilis: clump Brittle prickly-pear-cactus=Opuntia fragilis: Vervain: Vervain: Vipers bugloss: Vipers bugloss: Evening-primrose: Pink-flowered onion: Ironwood: Ironwood: Yellow pond-lily: White water-lily: plant White water-lily: flower White water-lily: closeup group-2002: on-fieldtrip group-2002: on-fieldtrip

Photos from near Wye on 02jul29:
Lesser rattlesnake-orchid=Goodyera repens: foliage Indian pipe: Indian pipe: Platanthera aquilonis/huronensis: Bergamot: Hooded ladies-tresses: plant Hooded ladies-tresses: flowers Loesels twayblade: seedpods

Photos from near Whitemouth along MossSpurRoad on 02jul29:
Ragged fringed-orchid: flowers Ragged fringed-orchid: flowers Thistle: Marsh bellflower=Campanula aparinoides: Tansy=Tanacetum vulgare: flowers Wild chamomile: