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Photos from Gunn Road in Winnipeg on 02aug02,04:
Bergamot: Beach pea: clump Beach pea: plant Beach pea: closeup Pink-flowered onion: buds Prairie-clover: clump Prairie-clover: twin-flower Prairie-clover: closeup Swamp milkweed white-form: clump Swamp milkweed white-form: flowers Swamp milkweed white-form: closeup

Photos from my favourite building on Higgins in Winnipeg on 02aug04:
building: 148-Higgins

Photos from the play "Dirk's Exodus" in Steinbach on 02aug05:
Dirks Exodus: Dirk+GretchenHendricks Dirks Exodus: Inquisitor Dirks Exodus: HansHendricks

Photos from near MelnickRd in southeast Winnipeg on 02aug09:
Meadow blazing-star: plant Meadow blazing-star: flowers Meadow blazing-star: closeup

Photos from Manitoba's Golden Boy in the Forks Market building in Winnipeg on 02aug09:
Golden Boy: w-scaffolding Golden Boy: zoom Golden Boy: second-level Golden Boy: third-level

Photos from PrairieDays at Tolstoi TGPP on 02aug10:
Prairie-Days: MarilynLatta-on-trailer Kalms lobelia: Swamp lousewort=Pedicularis lanceolata: Wild licorice: flower Wild licorice: fruit Riddells goldenrod:

Photos from the Forks in Winnipeg on 02aug11:
Goldeyes: RafaelGross-pitches Goldeyes: RafaelGross-pitches Goldeyes: play-at-first Goldeyes: Berrios-swings Goldeyes: Raven-swings Golden Boy: torso Golden Boy: torch