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Feb03 Monday:

The creek/river beside which the Tilley/Sirens live:
Once upon a time this was a natural waterway, but the banks have been concreted, so that it reminds me of where I once lived beside the San Gabriel river near Los Angeles. There is a hog-farm a few miles upstream, and on some days Richard assures me it smells of hog-manure just like southeastern Manitoba. While I was there it just smelled faintly like a city sewer, mostly like used laundry water.
Taiwan: Despite the smell, a great variety of plant-life thrives on its banks. (The building in the background is where Richard & Betty have a 7th floor apartment.)
Taiwan: Taiwan: A view along the river, in both directions.
Taiwan: Pink-flowered plant beside a giant sewer-pipe discharging into the river.
Taiwan: Plant with interesting leaves.
Taiwan: Along each side of the river runs a narrow street, which has totally blind intersections with other narrow streets; but rather than put up Stop-signs, the efficient Taiwanese put up wide-angle mirrors like this one, so one can see around the blind corner, and can, usually, zip right past without slowing down.
On a shopping excursion:
Taiwan: Betty buying at the market.
Taiwan: View of market framed by Tilley in a Tilley hat.
Taiwan: Taiwan: This is one of the styles for Budhist temples.
Taiwan: Outside the department store where we bought rolled oats etc, and I bought sandals. I had never seen this many scooters in one place before.
At home:
Taiwan: Richard marking papers. Actually he is waving a globe back and forth to help with a demonstration of my camera's high-speed mode, where it takes 16 pictures rapidly, and saves all 16 as one full-size JPEG. Each little picture is 640x480 pixels, or slightly bigger than the "all 16" form you see here (after clicking). Some day I will try this feature at a sports event, to get that just right shot which is so elusive with a "single shot" approach.