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Photos from CedarBogTrail in BirdsHillPark on 2003jun07:
Tall meadowrue: Seneca root: Snakeroot: Wild sarsaparilla=Aralia nudicaulis: Arrowwood: Sandwort: Twining honeysuckle: Bluet: Mouse-eared chickweed: Hoary puccoon=Cowslip: variant colour High-bush cranberry: Downy yellow violet=Viola pubescens: Nannyberry: Prickly rose: Golden alexanders: Vine-leaved coltsfoot: Yellow ladyslipper: Marsh marigold: me: on upturned-tree-roots me: on upturned-tree-roots closer Rock cress: Hoary puccoon=Cowslip: normal-colour Sandwort: Twining honeysuckle: Chestnut-sided warbler: Chestnut-sided warbler: