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Photos from WinnipegFolkFestival on 2003jul12:
WFF-2003: WhiteCockatoo+Burnt+etc WFF-2003: HarryManx WFF-2003: MaryGauthier WFF-2003: TomPaxton WFF-2003: RayBonneville WFF-2003: Marie-LynnHammond WFF-2003: HighAndInside-workshop WFF-2003: PietaBrown+BoRamsey WFF-2003: JohnHammondJr WFF-2003: BigDaveMclean WFF-2003: LeoneRedbone WFF-2003: Stringband WFF-2003: AprilVerch WFF-2003: MaryGauthier WFF-2003: AbdullahChhadeh WFF-2003-folkies: Nick+Christiane+John+Iris WFF-2003: SiteCrew WFF-2003: AlSimmons w mosquito-swatter WFF-2003: BillyBragg

The chorus from a Mary Gauthier song:
Fish swim, birds fly, Daddys yell, Mamas cry
Old men sit and think
I drink