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Photos from Ste.Genevieve on 2003aug21:
church: historic

Photos from ForestryRd#13 on 2003aug21:
Cloudless sulphur: many puddling Cloudless sulphur: many puddling Common sulfur+Cloudless sulphur: Common sulfur+Cloudless sulphur: Viceroy butterfly: on JoePyeWeed Viceroy butterfly: on gravel Viceroy butterfly: on GrassOfParnassus Viceroy butterfly: on GrassOfParnassus Gerardia, slenderleaved=Agalinis tenuifolia: Fringed-gentian: Grass-of-parnassus, Fen=Parnassia glauca: Grass-of-parnassus, Fen=Parnassia glauca: closeup Pearly everlasting:

Photos from ForestryRd#13 and ForestryRd#1 on 2003aug22:
Swamp smartweed: Closed gentian=Gentiana andrewsii: Closed gentian=Gentiana andrewsii:

Photos from Ostenfeld on 2003aug22:
hat-collection: on beef farm

Photos from Steinbach on 2003aug23:
Aunt Helen+Iris+Dad: digging carrots Iris: with odd carrots odd-carrots: closeup