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Photos from Sandilands-Selective-Cutting project site on 2003oct15:

These are wide-angle shots taken straight up from the middle of each of the 24 test plots; taken to determine the canopy-closure; have converted each to Black&White, then counted the number of Black pixels, using standard Linux utility programs: pgmtopbm and pbmhist; each is 200x150=30,000 pixels, so the black pixel count over 30,000 gives the percent-shade:
SSC-canopy: plot07 SSC-canopy: plot07-50 04550-plot07-50: 82.5%

SSC-canopy: plot06 SSC-canopy: plot06-50 04557-plot06-50: 74.2%

SSC-canopy: plot05 SSC-canopy: plot05-50 04566-plot05-50: 74.9%

SSC-canopy: plot04 SSC-canopy: plot04-50 04573-plot04-50: 82.4%

SSC-canopy: plot03 SSC-canopy: plot03-50 04580-plot03-50: 82.8%

SSC-canopy: plotT1 SSC-canopy: plotT1-50 04587-plotT1-50: 79.8%

SSC-canopy: plot02 SSC-canopy: plot02-50 04593-plot02-50: 78.2%

SSC-canopy: plotT2 SSC-canopy: plotT2-50 04600-plotT2-50: 84.8%

SSC-canopy: plot01 SSC-canopy: plot01-50 04606-plot01-50: 90.3% (wrong focal-length)

SSC-canopy: plot19 SSC-canopy: plot19-50 04613-plot19-50: 69.5%

SSC-canopy: plot18 SSC-canopy: plot18-40 04619-plot18-40: 60.7%

SSC-canopy: plot17 SSC-canopy: plot17-40 04625-plot17-40: 61.8%

SSC-canopy: plot16 SSC-canopy: plot16-50 04631-plot16-50: 79.1%

SSC-canopy: plot15 SSC-canopy: plot15-40 04638-plot15-40: 57.0%

SSC-canopy: plotT4 SSC-canopy: plotT4-35 04644-plotT4-35: 39.5%

SSC-canopy: plot14 SSC-canopy: plot14-40 04650-plot14-40: 60.2%

SSC-canopy: plot13 SSC-canopy: plot13-40 04656-plot13-40: 74.3%

SSC-canopy: plotT3 SSC-canopy: plotT3-40 04662-plotT3-40: 80.6%

SSC-canopy: plot12 SSC-canopy: plot12-50 04668-plot12-50: 71.6%

SSC-canopy: plot11 SSC-canopy: plot11-25 04675-plot11-25: 38.8%

SSC-canopy: plot10 SSC-canopy: plot10-45 04681-plot10-45: 48.7%

SSC-canopy: plot09 SSC-canopy: plot09-45 04687-plot09-45: 84.3%

SSC-canopy: plot08 SSC-canopy: plot08-45 04695-plot08-45: 78.3%

SSC-canopy: plot20 SSC-canopy: plot20-35 04702-plot20-35: 16.8%

-- I have 2 shots from many plots; the difference is usually less than 0.5 (percentage points), but as much as 2 or 3, especially when I get my hat into a photo
-- unfortunately at plot01, my zoom-lens was not at the wide-angle setting

-- most are converted to B&W using:   pgmtopbm -threshold -val 0.50;   but some photos are so dark that clouds become black, so they are done with -val 0.45 or 0.40 or 0.35;   here is an example, showing the colour photo, the overdark B&W version, and the "correct" B&W version:

SSC-canopy: plotT4
SSC-canopy: plotT4-50
(with 0.50: 67.5%)
SSC-canopy: plotT4-35
(with 0.35: 39.5%)