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Photos from Hadashville area on 2004may06:
Bloodroot: bud Bloodroot: flower Early blue violet=Viola adunca: Crocus=Anemone patens:

Photos from MothLake (aka HayLake) on 2004may06:
Wapato=Sagittaria latifolia: root Orb-snail: Doris: w shells+root Richardsons water-moss: Wapato=Sagittaria latifolia: plant Wapato=Sagittaria latifolia: plant Crocus=Anemone patens: w wasp Crocus=Anemone patens: w wasp

Photos from Braintree on 2004may06:
Arbutus: buds Arbutus: flowers Grouse: droppings Doris: w hat

Photos from Wye on 2004may06:
Beaked hazelnut: male+female-flowers Beaked hazelnut: male+female-flowers Beaked hazelnut: female-flower (6mm across) Merganser:

Photos from Hadashville on 2004may06:
Yellowlegs: (camera digital-zoom) Yellowlegs: group