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Photos from Hadashville, Braintree and Wye on 2004may27:
Spring azure blue: butterfly SSC-activity: Doris+me+densiometer in SSC-plot11 SSC-activity: Doris+me+densiometer in SSC-plot11 Crocus=Anemone patens: Crocus=Anemone patens: Mouse-droppings: Mouse-droppings: closeup Hoary puccoon=Cowslip: Wood anemone: Wood anemone: Early blue violet=Viola adunca: in sun Early blue violet=Viola adunca: in shade Bearberry: flowers Bearberry: flowers Bearberry: flowers Marsh marigold: John: photographing marsh-marigold Coltsfoot: flowers Coltsfoot: flowers Cape-May warbler: Great blue heron: Great blue heron: Bloodroot: Bloodroot: Bloodroot: Wild ginger: bud Wild ginger: bud Goldfinch: Ruby-throated hummingbird: Chipping sparrow: Ruby-throated hummingbird: Goldfinch: sunset: with fishscales sunset: with fishscales