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Photos from MarbleRidge near FisherBranch on 2004jun02:
Arrow-leaved coltsfoot: seed-stage plant Arrow-leaved coltsfoot: seed-stage clump Swamp red currant=Ribes triste: flowers (bad focus) Calypso: w mosquito+spots Calypso: w mosquito+spots Calypso: pair Calypso: Calypso: pair Calypso: w teeth Morel mushroom: light-brown Crowfoot violet: Mouse-eared chickweed: ?unidentified: YellowWhitlowGrass? SandBladderpod? ?unidentified: YellowWhitlowGrass? SandBladderpod? Pygmy-flower: Dwarf cinquefoil=Potentilla canadensis: Three-flowered avens: Least mousetail=Myosurus minimus: Hermit thrush: nest w eggs White spruce: male flower Bog violet: Sandhill crane: many Sandhill crane: many Sandhill crane: many
- photo 05227, tentatively labelled as SeasidePlantain=Plantago_maritima, has been identified by Cathy Foster of the MB-CDC as Myosurus minimus (least mousetail) [email 04aug31]
- photo 05216 was tentatively identified as YellowWhitlowGrass=Draba_nemorosa by Doris Ames; or it may be Lesquerella ludoviciana (sand bladderpod) according to Marilena Kowalchuk and Cary Hamel of MB-CDC [email 04sep07]

Photos from Narcisse snake-dens on 2004jun02:
Cottontail rabbit: Heart-leaved alexanders: Marsh wren: Gartersnake: many Gartersnake: many Gartersnake: