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Photos from HargraveRiver on 2004jul14:
Sparrow-egg ladyslipper=Cypripedium passerinum: flower One-flowered wintergreen: Sparrow-egg ladyslipper=Cypripedium passerinum: double Blunt-leaf rein-orchid: Sparrow-egg ladyslipper=Cypripedium passerinum: plant and pod Sparrow-egg ladyslipper=Cypripedium passerinum: spotted Small round-leaf orchid: Small round-leaf orchid: unusual lip Fungus gnat: on SmallRoundLeafOrchid Small round-leaf orchid: with spots on sepals Twining honeysuckle: Platanthera aquilonis: closeup Platanthera aquilonis: closeup Loesels twayblade: bad focus Yellow rattle:

Photos from SasagiuRapids (GrassRiver) on 2004jul14:
Common merganser?: many on rock Grass River:

Photos from PisewFalls on 2004jul14:
Pisew Falls: from observation deck Pisew Falls: from below me: above PisewFalls from observation-deck Observation deck: from above the falls Rainbow: above the falls Richard: above the falls from above the falls Richard: above the falls from above the falls me: beside PisewFalls from observation-deck Pisew Falls: from beside the falls Pisew Falls: from beside the falls closer Blue columbine: beside the falls John: above the falls from beside the falls the: RotaryBridge me: on RotaryBridge me: on RotaryBridge closer-a me: on RotaryBridge closer-b Doris: on RotaryBridge Lesser rattlesnake-orchid=Goodyera repens: bad focus

Photos from McCreedyCampground on 2004jul14:
group-2004: at McCreedyCampground Pink pyrola=Pink wintergreen: dark-pink orchid-hunting: in McCreedyCampground