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Photos from Churchill Northern Studies Centre on 2004jul15:
CNSC-which-is-the-former-rocket-range: prepares for launch of Estes rockets rocket-repair: by gluegun

Photos from CoastRd? on 2004jul15:
Northern goshawk: Northern goshawk:

Photos from former Dene Village site on 2004jul15:
Mountain-avens=Arctic avens: Purple paintbrush: Purple paintbrush: Purple paintbrush: Northern twayblade: plant Northern twayblade: plant Northern twayblade: Northern twayblade: flowers Northern twayblade: flower Small round-leaf orchid: plant Small round-leaf orchid: flower Stemless raspberry=Rubus acaulis: Stemless raspberry=Rubus acaulis: Northern hedysarum: in bud Northern hedysarum: Blunt-leaf rein-orchid: Blunt-leaf rein-orchid: Blunt-leaf rein-orchid: flower Blunt-leaf rein-orchid: clump in bud ?unidentified: plant in bud DeneVillage Alpine milk-vetch: Net-veined willow: and SmallRoundLeaf buds Sparrow-egg ladyslipper=Cypripedium passerinum: bud Hooded ladies-tresses: on log Hooded ladies-tresses: on log Lapland rosebay=Lapland rhododendron: Lapland rosebay=Lapland rhododendron: Blunt-leaf rein-orchid: clump Blunt-leaf rein-orchid: Sparrow-egg ladyslipper=Cypripedium passerinum: pod Dandelion: Alpine arnica: Mountain-avens=Arctic avens: with ant Butterwort: on dry ground Mountain-avens=Arctic avens: flower Mountain-avens=Arctic avens: closeup Bog asphodel: Alpine arnica: Sparrow-egg ladyslipper=Cypripedium passerinum: bud Net-veined willow: Velvet bells=Alpine bartsia: Mountain-avens=Arctic avens: Mountain-avens=Arctic avens: flower Elephants-head: in bud Small round-leaf orchid: flower and buds Small round-leaf orchid: flower and buds
- Net-veined willow: these smallest of the willows grow slowly; some plants are known to be more than 100 years old

Photos from beside NorthernStore in town of Churchill on 2004jul15:
Long-stalked chickweed: Fireweed: in bud Alpine goldenrod: in bud

Photos from CapeMerry on 2004jul15:
Bog rosemary: Lapland rosebay=Lapland rhododendron: Three-toothed saxifrage: plant Three-toothed saxifrage: flower Three-toothed saxifrage: flower crop-b Three-toothed saxifrage: foliage Three-toothed saxifrage: foliage ship: arriving in Churchill Greenland primrose: plant Greenland primrose: plant Greenland primrose: plant Greenland primrose: flowers Greenland primrose: flowers Three-toothed saxifrage: flower and bud Long-stalked chickweed: flower bad focus ?unidentified: plant in bud CapeMerry ship: arriving in Churchill

Photos from BirdCove on 2004jul15:
Semi-palmated plover: bad photo rocks: at BirdCove

maps of the Churchill area:
www.gov.mb.ca/itm/mrd/geo/field/roa01pdfs/01gs-27.pdf <-- shows town, airport, BirdCove, CNSC, TwinLakes

points-of-interest in Churchill area: