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Photos from MennoniteVillageMuseum in Steinbach on 2004jul31:
tractors: various sawmill: demonstration Brommtop: from NeuBergthal display Brommtop: from NeuBergthal display closeup sign: about Brommtop from NeuBergthal mummers: with Brommtop from NeuBergthal photo circa 1915 Shitweed=False ragweed?: looks like the one plant that thrives in heavy layer of turkey-manure Shitweed=False ragweed?: closer

Photos from Plautdietschet-Pottlock at Steinbach-SRSS on 2004jul31:
de-Schwienarie: de-Schwienarie: daut Bank Haundel: de-Heischrakje: de-Heischrakje: de-Heischrakje: and cast grande finale Wilmer Penner: and cast

Photos from my house on 2004aug11:
Blackie: the master has his favourite chair