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Photos from Rosa region on 2004sep01:
Closed gentian white-form: plant Closed gentian white-form: flowers Upland white goldenrod?: plant Upland white goldenrod?: flowers Flodmans thistle: w bumblebee Flodmans thistle: w bumblebee Sunflower: freak? Aster?: Western silvery aster=Aster sericeus?: plant Western silvery aster=Aster sericeus?: flowers

Photos from Tolstoi-TGPP on 2004sep01:
Gerardia, slenderleaved=Agalinis tenuifolia: Hooded ladies-tresses: flowers Hooded ladies-tresses: raceme Hooded ladies-tresses: flowers besotted-bumblebee: on ClosedGentian Great-plains ladies-tresses: raceme Closed gentian white-form: plant