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Photos from PR308 on 2006jul03:
Cotton grass:

Photos from bog east of PR308 on 2006jul03:
Northern water-horehound=Lycopus uniflora: Calopogon: Calopogon: white form sprung Calopogon: dark Calopogon: dark Calopogon: with 8 pods+flowers+bud Habitat: Calopogon

Photos from ForestryRd-4 on 2006jul03:
Hoary alyssum=Berteroa incana: plant Hoary alyssum=Berteroa incana: flowers Harebell: 7-petalled and 5-petalled flowers Splitlip hempnettle=Galeopsis bifida: plant Splitlip hempnettle=Galeopsis bifida: Splitlip hempnettle=Galeopsis bifida: flowers Low prairie rose=Rosa arkansana: light Low prairie rose=Rosa arkansana: dark
- Doris noticed a Harebell flower that seemed peculiar, and it had 7 petals; the usual number of petals is 5; while examining about 50 other harebell flowers in the vicinity, I encountered one with 4 petals, one with 6, all the others having 5.

Photos from PR210 near Woodridge on 2006jul03:
Red fox: kit beside den Red fox: kit beside den