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Photos from the MNS walking-tour of PointDouglas on 2006aug13:
St-Michaels Ukrainian-Orthodox Church: at 110 DisraeliSt Sutherland-Av+Annabella-St: looking south from Former red-light-district: on AnnabellaSt 3 former brothels Intrepid House: the spy called Intrepid lived here at 175 SyndicateSt in his youth Virgins bower=Clematis virginiana: at 167 SyndicateSt Virgins bower=Clematis virginiana: Barber House: historic site at 99 EuclidAv partially restored Barber House: historic site at 99 EuclidAv partially restored and slightly burned Barber House: historic site at 99 EuclidAv fire damage and graffiti
- that's the 2nd church I've photographed in 2 days by that same name, after St-Michael the Archangel
- for a brief period in Winnipeg's history, city-council encouraged hookers to give up the street and do business in houses of ill-repute on Annabella St
- Sir William Stephenson, "A Man Called Intrepid", was an Icelandic Canadian from Winnipeg hired by Winston Churchill to direct the British spy-agency BSC during WWII
- Angus St had modern houses built by Habitat For Humanity, and our co-leader John Gunn had worked on several of these
- restoration of Barber House, MB Heritage Site Nbr 28, is in an extended lull;  it is a fine example of Post-On-Sill (poteau sur sole) construction, also known as "Red River Frame" although that seems a misleading name for a method that is a variant of solid-log construction rather than "Frame" construction
- see map of the region from Google-Maps

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