Photos from the MNS walking-tour of Point Douglas on 2006-Aug13

St-Michael's Ukrainian Orthodox Church at 110 Disraeli St

Sutherland Av & Annabella St - looking south from

Former Red Light District on Annabella St - 3 former brothels

Intrepid House - the spy called Intrepid lived here at 175 Syndicate St in his youth

Virgin's Bower (Clematis virginiana) at 167 Syndicate St

Virgin's Bower (Clematis virginiana)

Barber House historic site at 99 Euclid Av - partially restored

Barber House historic site at 99 Euclid Av - partially restored and slightly burned

Barber House historic site at 99 Euclid Av - fire damage and graffiti

- that's the 2nd church I've photographed in 2 days by that same name, after St-Michael the Archangel (the other is in Gardenton)
- for a brief period in Winnipeg's history, city-council encouraged hookers to give up the street and do business in houses of ill-repute on Annabella St
- Sir William Stephenson, "A Man Called Intrepid", was an Icelandic Canadian from Winnipeg hired by Winston Churchill to direct the British spy-agency BSC during WWII
- Angus St had modern houses built by Habitat For Humanity, and our co-leader John Gunn had worked on several of these
- restoration of Barber House, MB Heritage Site Nbr 28, is in an extended lull;  it is a fine example of Post-On-Sill (poteau sur sole) construction, also known as "Red River Frame" although that seems a misleading name for a method that is a variant of solid-log construction rather than "Frame" construction
- see map of the region from Google-Maps