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Photos from Regina on 2007mar01-02:
Regina: is lovely at night from 25th floor of the Delta Regina: grand old train-station now a casino from 25th floor of the Delta Regina: smoke belching from the Co-op-Upgrader refinery Regina: a less attractive part of Regina: a parking garage whose ugliness might offend even Prince Charles

Photos from 8th PSESC-Conference in Regina on 2007mar02-03:
Peggy+Doris: at the PSESC-conference Postcards-From-Home-slideshow-at-PSESC-conference: one of my photos from Marilyn Latta: receiving the Prairie Conservation Award for Manitoba Peggy+Doris+me: at the PSESC-conference me: at the PSESC-conference

Photos from Moosejaw on 2007mar03-04:
Moosejaw-tunnels: bootlegger tour of VERY BAD

Doris and I drove to Regina on 07Mar01; both of us attended the PSESC-conference as representatives of NOCI (meaning that NOCI paid for part of our expenses); whereas Peggy attended courtesy of the Government of Canada.  The three of us (at our own expense) spent an extra day in the region to enjoy the sites of Moosejaw.