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Photos from Richer on 2007apr20:
Rock cress: clump Rock cress: plant Rock cress: closeup

Photos from Wye on 2007apr20:
Hazelnut: flower

Photos from Hadashville on 2007apr20:
Parkview: sign+ruins Parkview: ruins Parkview: ruins from east Parkview: ruins big ducts Parkview: ruins tables+chairs overview Parkview: ruins tables+chairs row of Parkview: ruins table+2chairs Parkview: ruins from west Ring-necked duck: male Ring-necked duck: pair

Photos from TCH near PineGroveHalt on 2007apr20:
Crocus=Anemone patens: Crocus=Anemone patens: Crocus=Anemone patens:

Photos from Richer on 2007apr20:
Premier Peat-Moss plant: