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Photos from Braintree area on 2007may05:
Arrow-leaved coltsfoot: plant Arrow-leaved coltsfoot: flowers Arbutus: pink Arbutus: white Arbutus: pink Pine marten-dung: Black bear-dung: group-2007: at BirchRiverBridge

Photos from Hadashville area on 2007may05:
Marsh marigold: plant Marsh marigold: flowers Marsh marigold: flower closeup Marsh marigold: plant Marsh marigold: foliage Crocus=Anemone patens: Crocus=Anemone patens: Crocus=Anemone patens: Bloodroot: Sunloving sedge=Carex pensylvanica: Horse-hoof fungus=Fomes fomentarious: Horse-hoof fungus=Fomes fomentarious: bird-droppings: Bloodroot: seed-pod Beavin bridge: group-2007: on BeavinBridge group-2007: at MFA-Museum MFA: tree-planting-car MFA: tree-planting-car air under ties MFA: tree-planting-car air under ties

Photos from Wye on 2007may05:
Ami: fells a poplar Ami: sawing poplar

Photos from SpruceSidingRd on 2007may05:
Crocus=Anemone patens:

Photos from Richer on 2007may05:
Early buttercup=Ranunculus fascicularis: flower Early buttercup=Ranunculus fascicularis: clump Bog violet: