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Photos from Moosejaw on 2007may20:
Great grey owl: immature Great grey owl: immature Burrowing owl: Burrowing owl: Burrowing owl: Great-horned owl: Richardson ground-squirrel: Richardson ground-squirrel: the: Moosejaw Moose the: Moosejaw Moose the: Moosejaw Moose is a moose without a jaw

Photos from TCH-Moosejaw-to-IndianHead on 2007may20:
roadkill: Moose immature roadkill: Moose immature

Photos from Rob and Trevor property near IndianHead on 2007may20:
Ruffed grouse: Long-bracted orchid: Great-plains paintbrush: Great-plains paintbrush: Great-plains paintbrush: white form Ground plum: White onion: flowers White onion: plant Fiery hunter ground-beetle=Calosoma calidum: