OrchidFestival-2007 Species List -- by Doris Ames and Eugene Reimer - revised 2007-June17

On June14, we marked 42 plants (39 species) with the name written on pink flagging-tape; here they are in order of occurrence:

Blue-eyed grass
Mouse-eared chickweed?
Northern bedstraw
Carrion flower
Purple vetch
Smooth fleabane
Yellow ladyslipper, large variety
White cinquefoil
Twining honeysuckle
Golden alexanders
Nodding trillium
Solomon's seal
Cow parsnip
Lilac-flowered beardtongue = Penstemon gracilis (was mislabelled as Hedgenettle)
Wild grape
Canada anemone
Leafy spurge
Poison ivy
Wild licorice
Beaked hazelnut
False Sunflower = Heliopsis helianthoides (was mislabelled as Jerusalem artichoke?)
Black-eyed Susan
Seneca root
Black snakeroot
Green ash
Wild grape (a 2nd example)
Red-osier dogwood (beside the swinging-bridge)
Yellow ladyslipper, large variety (a 2nd example)
Cream-coloured vetchling
Nodding trillium (a 2nd example)
Golden corydalis
Iris (UNLABELLED; beside small bridge near end of trail)
Tall lungwort (UNLABELLED; beside small bridge near end of trail)

We didn't label the Tall lungwort (Mertensia) since it was not yet in bloom, nor the Iris which was too far off-trail and is easily recognized by most people? We left unlabelled some common species like Wild lily-of-the-valley and Roses. We leave the many species of Viburnum to Rich who is an expert in separating them.

There is some interesting scat on the small bridge near the end of the trail but likely some prissy person will have cleared it away by Sunday and another teaching moment will be lost (sigh).

Additional species observed on June17:

Climbing bittersweet = Celastrus scandens
Sweet cicely
American dragonhead
Downy arrowwood
Highbush cranberry
Canada violet
Lead plant = Amorpha canescens
Red-panicle Dogwood = Cornus racemosa
Virgin's bower = Clematis Virginiana
Oyster mushroom
Horse-hoof fungus

And of course Joe Ewanchuk's beautiful Showy Lady's-slippers.