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Inuvik-trip day-4 (DawsonCreek-BC to FortNelson-BC) on 2008jun26

Photos from NaturalHistoryMuseum in DawsonCreek BC on 2008jun26:
object: diamond-willow speaker-stand in giftshop museum-display: birds museum-display: large mammals museum-display: mustelids museum-display: giant tusk fossil

Photos from DawsonCreek BC on 2008jun26:
sign: mile-zero third wide-view sign: mile-zero third sign: mile-zero third closeup

Photos from AlaskaHwy NW of DawsonCreek BC on 2008jun26:
American vetch: or AlpineHedysarum Sulpher paintbrush: plant Sulpher paintbrush: flowers Prickly rose: Prickly rose: Prickly rose:

Photos from AlaskaHwy NW of DawsonCreek BC on 2008jun26:
Mountain mertensia: plant Mountain mertensia: flowers Alpine milk-vetch=Astragalus alpinus?: Jacobs-ladder=Polemonium sp: plant Jacobs-ladder=Polemonium sp: flowers Coltsfoot: seed-stage Dwarf raspberry: Wasp: Lingonberry: Leaf lichen: Leaf lichen: Bunchberry: unusual form? Bunchberry: unusual form? Bunchberry: the usual kind Moose: skeleton Mouse-eared chickweed: Alpine labrador-tea=Ledum decumbens: clump Alpine labrador-tea=Ledum decumbens: flowers Lingonberry: Prickly rose: Hemlock parseley?: