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Inuvik-trip day-8 (DawsonCity-YT to EaglePlains-YT) on 2008jun30

Photos from DempsterHwy near its beginning on 2008jun30:
Siberian aster: clump sign: start of Dempster eatery: at the Dempster-Klondike junction eatery: at the Dempster-Klondike junction specials-board features musk-ox Four-petalled gentian=Gentianella propinqua: or GlaucousGentian? Northern commandra: foliage red ?unidentified: diseased foliage? Crowberry: Pink foxtail: Wild rhubarb=Polygonum alaskanum: plant Wild rhubarb=Polygonum alaskanum: flowers scenery: TombstoneMountain

Photos from DempsterHwyInterpretiveCentre on 2008jun30:
building: DempsterInterpretiveCentre sign: at DempsterInterpretiveCentre Caribou: antlers sign: Message-board at DempsterInterpretiveCentre object: WildlifeViewingEvents poster object: WildlifeViewingEvents poster crop display: BotanyWeekend panel-1 display: BotanyWeekend panel-2 display: BotanyWeekend panel-3 museum-display: Caribou info museum-display: Gwichin etc museum-display: the Gwichin poster museum-display: PineMartin museum-display: PineMartin info
- note: we learned of a Botany-Weekend with an eminent naturalist one day after it ended, but the wildflower display was still up, and I photographed it to help with identification;
- note: for info on TheGwichin see www.gwichin.nt.ca;

Photos from DempsterHwyInterpretiveCentre yard on 2008jun30:
Tall bluebell=Tall lungwort=Mertensia paniculata: Larkspur=Delphinium sp: plant Larkspur=Delphinium sp: flowers

Photos from DempsterHwy at the NorthForkPass on 2008jun30:
Black-tipped groundsel=Senecio lugens: Potentilla biflora: plant Potentilla biflora: plant Potentilla biflora: flower Potentilla biflora: flowers scenery: glacier scenery: glacier Northern goldenrod?: Three-toothed saxifrage: Three-toothed saxifrage: foliage Three-toothed saxifrage: clump Roseroot=Sedum integrafolium: clump Roseroot=Sedum integrafolium: clump Roseroot=Sedum integrafolium: flowers Roseroot=Sedum integrafolium: flowers Roseroot=Sedum integrafolium: foliage Grass-of-parnassus, Kotzebues=Parnassia kotzebuei: clump Grass-of-parnassus, Kotzebues=Parnassia kotzebuei: flowers Grass-of-parnassus, Kotzebues=Parnassia kotzebuei: flower Large-flowered pyrola: plant ?: yellow vetch Heart-leaved saxifrage: plant Heart-leaved saxifrage: flowers Heart-leaved saxifrage: flowers Doris: on glacier Doris: on glacier Slender saxifrage=Saxifraga sibirica?: Dandelion: plant Dandelion: flower Dandelion: flower side-view
- note: the North Fork Pass is the highest point on the Dempster at 1,289 metres (4,229 feet) above sealevel, and is one of three places where it crosses the continental-divide

Photos from DempsterHwy next stop N of NorthForkPass on 2008jun30:
Lessings arnica?: plant Lessings arnica?: flower Net-veined willow=Salix reticulata: clump Net-veined willow=Salix reticulata: female? flower Net-veined willow=Salix reticulata: male? flower Mountain-avens=Arctic avens: plant Mountain-avens=Arctic avens: flower Little weaselsnout?: or AlpineBistort plant Little weaselsnout?: or AlpineBistort flowers Alpine bittercress=Cardamine bellidifolia?: Alpine bittercress=Cardamine bellidifolia?: plant Alpine bittercress=Cardamine bellidifolia?: flowers Meadow bistort=Polygonum bistorta: plant Meadow bistort=Polygonum bistorta: flowers Scotch false-asphodel?:

Photos from DempsterHwy at a side-road to communications-installation on 2008jun30:
Wormwood artemesia?: Wormwood artemesia?: flowers Coffee-Creek scorpionweed=Phacelia mollis: plant Coffee-Creek scorpionweed=Phacelia mollis: flowers Coffee-Creek scorpionweed=Phacelia mollis: plant Coffee-Creek scorpionweed=Phacelia mollis: spike Coffee-Creek scorpionweed=Phacelia mollis: flowers+leaves Coffee-Creek scorpionweed=Phacelia mollis: flowers Coffee-Creek scorpionweed=Phacelia mollis: flower Winter cress: plant Winter cress: flowers Stemless arctic raspberry: Bog birch: the: communications installation the: communications installation some details ?: plant with yellow tubular flowers ?: plant with yellow tubular flowers Mertwnsia: Meadow bistort=Polygonum bistorta: flowers Capitate lousewort?:

Photos from DempsterHwy next stretch on 2008jun30:
scenery: tiny island object: inukshuk object: inukshuk pair of scenery:

Photos from DempsterHwy another stop on 2008jun30:
Elephants-head lousewort: clump Elephants-head lousewort: plant Elephants-head lousewort: flower Elephants-head lousewort: plant in seed stage Elephants-head lousewort: spike in seed stage Hairy butterwort: bad Platanthera aquilonis: bad Smooth death-camas=Zigadenus elegans: Sitka valerian: plant Sitka valerian: flowers Dead-mans-fingers fungus: many Dead-mans-fingers fungus: closer Iceland poppy=Papaver nudicaule: plant Iceland poppy=Papaver nudicaule: flower

Photos from DempsterHwy yet another stop on 2008jun30:
scenery: scenery: folding originally horizontal layers now vertical

Photos from DempsterHwy at RavenCliff on 2008jun30:
Raven: nest on rocky cliff Raven: nest on rocky cliff much wider view Dwarf alpine hawksbeard=Crepis nana: clump in bud ?:

Photos from EaglePlains-YT on 2008jun30:
sign: Welcome to EaglePlains Population:8