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Inuvik-trip day-12 (in Inuvik) on 2008jul04

Photos from the lobby / breakfast-room of our hotel in Inuvik on 2008jul04:
?unidentified: insect on the door

Photos from shopping expedition in Inuvik on 2008jul04:
mural: on side of old building mural: on side of old building closer to be readable car: 1936 Dodge coupe from Alaska Peggy+Doris: are still shopping

Photos from our flight to Tuk aka Tuktoyaktuk and back on 2008jul04:
airplane: Cessna-207 and our pilot Gavin airplane: Cessna-207 interior view: of Inuvik Airport from the runway tundra-lake: tundra-lake: tundra-lake: saveral tundra-polygons: tundra-lake: with plume? tundra-lake: drying-up? tundra: winter-road? tundra-lake: drying-up with polygons and a small pingo Pingo: Ibyuk with part of Tuk in the background Pingo: Ibyuk Pingo: Ibyuk building: old whaling-station in Tuk now partially submerged Tuk: the tip of the Tuk-peninsula Tuk: more of the Tuk-peninsula Tuk: yet more of the Tuk-peninsula Pingo: Ibyuk with more of Tuk in the background ship: the CCGS Dumit of the Canadian Coast-Guard buildings: of a temporary or portable nature? Pingo: a lesser pingo scenery: near the MackenzieRiver tundra-lake: whose shape needs a name? scenery: near the MackenzieRiver scenery: near the MackenzieRiver tundra-lake: and small rivers connecting them tundra-polygons: tundra-lake: bear-shaped tundra-lake: seal-shaped tundra-lake: beaver-shaped structure: communications installation wreckage: of unknown scenery: near the MackenzieRiver tundra-lake: snake-shaped clearing: airplane-shaped site of mysterious antennas Inuvik: from the air buildings: near the Inuvik airport airplane: shadow of
- note: for info on the relationship between these lakes, tundra-polygons, and pingos, see www.pc.gc.ca/eng/docs/v-g/pingo/sec3/natcul1.aspx;

- note: according to www.sailwx.info/shiptrack/shipposition.phtml?call=CG2522, the CCGS-Dumit on 2008-July04 13:00 was at N 69°24' W 133°00', was experiencing an 11-knot wind, wind-direction 120, air-temp 11.4;  here's a map from sailwx.info showing its course between 2008-June28 and 2008-July28;

- note: the airplane-shaped clearing in photo 13467 is the site of those mysterious antennas - the ones I photographed from the ground late on 2008jul01;

Photos from the Inuvik airport on 2008jul04:
Peggy: and a polar-bear map: NorthAmerica as seen from above the north-pole

Photos from the BootLake-Trail aka Jimmy Adams Peace Trail (East-part) in Inuvik on 2008jul04:
Showy jacobs-ladder=Polemonium pulcherrimum: flowers Platanthera obtusata: plant bad Platanthera obtusata: flowers bad Alpine bearberry=Arctostaphylos alpina: with berries One-sided wintergreen: plant One-sided wintergreen: flowers ?unidentified: white flower ?unidentified: white flower Blue butterfly?: on Fireweed Blue butterfly?: on Fireweed Arctic skipper=Carterocephalus palaemon: Platanthera obtusata: flowers+pods Raups paintbrush=Castilleja raupii: Purple paintbrush: Early coralroot: pods fresh and old Bumblebee-red-abdomen=Bombus melanopygus: on ragwort Northern ground-cone=Boschniakia rossica: clump Northern ground-cone=Boschniakia rossica: plant Northern ground-cone=Boschniakia rossica: flowers Northern ground-cone=Boschniakia rossica: flowers closer White admiral?: or Grizzled skipper=Pyrgus~spp on Fireweed White admiral?: or Grizzled skipper=Pyrgus~spp on Fireweed Elegant paintbrush=Castilleja elegans: Elegant paintbrush=Castilleja elegans: Four-petalled gentian=Gentianella propinqua: or GlaucousGentian? bad Paintbrush: species? Blue butterfly: Blacktip ragwort=Senecio lugens: and fly Scentless chamomile:

Photos from MackenzieRd near our hotel in Inuvik on 2008jul04:
Grass-of-parnassus, Marsh=Parnassia palustris: Common yarrow=Achillea millefolium: Fireweed: an old dead plant with empty capsules Fly: on ragwort Fly: on ragwort note red spots on fly Bumblebee: on fireweed bad Bumblebee: on fireweed bad

Photos from downtown Inuvik under the midnight sun on 2008jul04:
Seagull: several near outdoor hotdog-vendor Seagull: in flight Seagull: in flight Seagull: in flight Seagull: in flight
- note: these gull photos were taken at approximately midnight;  in mid-summer in Inuvik a shadow can point due South, and a sundial works all night, although some would say there is no night;