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Inuvik-trip day-13 (Inuvik-NT to DawsonCity-YT) on 2008jul05

Photos from DempsterHwy near Inuvik-NT on 2008jul05:
Marsh cinquefoil: Marsh cinquefoil:

Photos from near FrogCreek on 2008jul05:
Great grey owl: Great grey owl: Great grey owl:

Photos from near FortMacpherson-NT on 2008jul05:
Red fox: kit Red fox: kit closer Red fox: kit

Photos from FortMacpherson-NT on 2008jul05:
car: getting new tire installed
- note: had an unrepairable flat-tire this morning; these youngsters from a trucking and tire-repair business could supply a replacement;

Photos from PeelRiver-ferry on 2008jul05:
ferry: and people at the front of the line ferry: with dozer unable to dock on far shore ferry: docking-ramp has been repaired on our side Platanthera obtusata: plant with pods and flowers Calla lily: plant Calla lily: closeup Northern twayblade=Listera borealis: clump with fresh and old pods Dragonfly: on stone Dragonfly: on boat Common plantain=Plantago major: plant Dragonfly: mating pair Dragonfly: mating pair in the mating-wheel position
- note: although the Dempster officially re-opened this morning, 'twas late afternoon before this ferry became operational; the early-birds at the front of the line, who'd been there all day, were the same Alaskan antique-car folks we'd met in Inuvik; since we'd started later, dawdled, and been delayed by tire-changing, we didn't have to wait as long;

- we passed the time by looking for plants, promptly finding a species of orchid we had yet to see on this trip; I got some dragonfly photos I'm pleased with; so the delay was a good thing;

Photos from DempsterHwy S of PeelRiver on 2008jul05:
road: has one lane open although still undergoing repairs

Photos from the RichardsonMountains 120km N of EaglePlains-YT on 2008jul05:
Arctic spirea: plant in bud Arctic spirea: buds Meadow bistort=Polygonum bistorta: flowers

Photos from the RichardsonMountains 120km N of EaglePlains-YT (Doris's camera) on 2008jul05:
Meadow bistort=Polygonum bistorta: flowers and buds Narrowleaf saw-wort=Saussurea angustifolia: plant bad Narrowleaf saw-wort=Saussurea angustifolia: Narrowleaf saw-wort=Saussurea angustifolia: flowers Chickweed: ?: mushroom Lingonberry: flowers Lingonberry: flowers+fruit Raups paintbrush=Castilleja raupii: flower-head Elegant paintbrush=Castilleja elegans: clump Elegant paintbrush=Castilleja elegans: flower-head Yellow avens=Geum aleppicum?: Monkshood: plant Monkshood: flower Monkshood: flower Iceland poppy=Papaver nudicaule: plant Iceland poppy=Papaver nudicaule: plant ?: lilac-coloured mustard-relative wildflowers: on rocky slope wildflowers: on rocky slope birdnest: on rocky slope Forget-me-not:
- note: when I ran out of camera-batteries having forgotten to recharge, Doris was kind enough to lend me her Nikon-P80; the "DA" photos are from that camera;

Photos from DempsterHwy at the Yukon-NorthWestTerritories-border on 2008jul05:
sign: Welcome to Yukon

Photos from DempsterHwy between the Yukon-NorthWestTerritories-border and the Klondike-junction on 2008jul05:
Larkspur=Delphinium sp: plants Larkspur=Delphinium sp: flowers Short-eared owl: