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Inuvik-trip day-20 (FortNelson-BC to DawsonCreek-BC) on 2008jul12

Photos from AlaskaHwy just SE of OdetteRiver on 2008jul12:

Photos from AlaskaHwy just NW of PinkMountain on 2008jul12:
Tall bluebell=Tall lungwort=Mertensia paniculata: Showy jacobs-ladder=Polemonium pulcherrimum: plants Showy jacobs-ladder=Polemonium pulcherrimum: flowers

Photos from AlaskaHwy at SuicideHill on 2008jul12:
info: on SuicideHill sign: for SuicideHill object: survey-marker tripod style sign: for survey-marker converted to metric-units

Photos from AlaskaHwy at KiskatinawRiver on 2008jul12:
sign: at bridge over KiskatinawRiver bridge: from below bridge: from below Soapberry=Shepherdia canadensis: foliage Soapberry=Shepherdia canadensis: berries

Photos from DawsonCreek-BC on 2008jul12:
building: VisitorCentre sign: SuperNatural BritishColumbia