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Inuvik-trip day-25 (Saskatoon-SK to Winnipeg-MB) on 2008jul17

Photos from Neepawa-MB on 2008jul17:
building: Margaret Lawrence house info: on Margaret Lawrence house building: Margaret Lawrence house closer Lilies: at Margaret Lawrence house info: on Lily-Festival-2008 info: on Lily-Festival Sponsors; note K K Penner and Sons building: Beautiful-Plains County Court info: on  Beautiful-Plains County Court building flower-bed: one of several for the Lily-Festival info: on flower-bed by Lily-Festival volunteers flower-bed: Lilies and MalteseCross=ScarletLychnis flower-bed: MalteseCross=ScarletLychnis closer flower-bed: Lilies flower-bed: Lilies flower-bed: Lupins flower-bed: Lilies flower-bed: BlueColumbine flower-bed: Lily all-white flower
- note: the annual Lily-Festival begins tomorrow;

Photos from the Yellowhead E of Neepawa-MB on 2008jul17:
rainbow: left-half rainbow: right-half rainbow: all in one photo
- note: one needs a wider-angle lens than mine to capture the entire rainbow; Doris's P80 comes pretty close;

Photos from Gladstone-MB on 2008jul17:
the: Gladstone Happy-Rock