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Photos from the Jim and Marcella Towle property near Senkiw-MB on 2008aug23:
Bee: on MeadowBlazingStar Bank swallow: nests on sandy bank Bank swallow: nests on sandy bank Flodmans thistle: Prairie loosestrife=Lysimachia quadriflora: Silverleaf psoralea=Silverleaf Indianbreadfruit=Pediomelum argophyllum=Psoralea agrophylla: Western silvery aster=Symphyotrichum sericeum: many Western silvery aster=Symphyotrichum sericeum: Western silvery aster=Symphyotrichum sericeum: Western silvery aster=Symphyotrichum sericeum: flower Hairy yellow aster=Chrysopsis villosa: Dotted blazing-star: in bud Dotted blazing-star: buds Dotted blazing-star: Dotted blazing-star: Dotted blazing-star: flowers Dotted blazing-star: flowers Blue lettuce: plant Blue lettuce: flower Goatsbeard: Yellow ladyslipper: pods Purple prairie-clover: plant Purple prairie-clover: flower Hairy umbrellawort=Mirabilis hirsuta: plant Hairy umbrellawort=Mirabilis hirsuta: Hairy umbrellawort=Mirabilis hirsuta:
- note that the buds of Western silvery aster are much darker than the flowers; see my photos from 2008aug19

Photos from the Crow-Wing Trail near Senkiw-MB on 2008aug23:
Smartweed: plant Smartweed: Smartweed: flowers Woods rose=Rosa woodsii: with BumbleBee Bumblebee: on WoodsRose=Rosa~woodsii Snowberry: with flowers+buds+berries+foliage Bee: two kinds on FlodmansThistle Bee: two kinds on FlodmansThistle Closed gentian white-form: Closed gentian white-form: flowers Culvers root=Veronicastrum virginicum: Culvers root=Veronicastrum virginicum: flowers

Photos from the Roseau-River Park in Roseau-River-MB on 2008aug23:
group-2008: having lunch John Dyck: serving corn Amanita mushroom?: toadstool Amanita mushroom?: toadstool from below Amanita mushroom?: emerging

Photos from the TGPP near Gardenton-MB on 2008aug23:
Gerardia, slenderleaved=Agalinis tenuifolia: plant Gerardia, slenderleaved=Agalinis tenuifolia: flower photographer: Ed Zalusky zooms in on Hooded ladies-tresses Hooded ladies-tresses=Spiranthes romanzoffiana: Hooded ladies-tresses=Spiranthes romanzoffiana: Aster-Goldenrod-hybrid: Fringed-gentian: Bee: on GlaucousWhiteLettuce=Prenanthes_racemosa