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Photos from PR201 near Stuartburn on 2008sep06:
group-2008: Tracking Ladies-tresses event Spiranthes magnicamporum: Closed gentian=Gentiana andrewsii: colour variations

Photos from Rat-River-Swamp (Tracking Down Ladies-tresses) on 2008sep06:
Gerardia, slenderleaved=Agalinis tenuifolia: bad Loesels twayblade=Liparis loeselii: plant with pods Spiranthes magnicamporum: Christie: with garter-snake and photographer Janet Christie: with garter-snake and photographer Tanya Tanya: with garter-snake Tanya: with garter-snake closer Spiranthes magnicamporum: Spiranthes magnicamporum: Spiranthes magnicamporum: closer Sulpher butterfly: pn Sunflower bad Fringed-gentian: flower Fringed-gentian: flower Fringed-gentian: flower from above Loesels twayblade=Liparis loeselii: plants with pods group-2008: Tracking Ladies-tresses event group photo

Photos from S of the Vita-Drain on 2008sep06:
Snapping turtle: Snapping turtle: Wild turkey: Canadian milk-vetch=Astragalus canadensis: mature pods Canadian milk-vetch=Astragalus canadensis: green pods

Photos from Woodmore on 2008sep06:
Ladyslipper-hybrid-small=Cypripedium X andrewsii var andrewsii: pods bad