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Photos from Woodmore on 2008sep11:
Small white ladyslipper=Cypripedium candidum: plant with pod Yellow ladyslipper small-variety: plant with pod

Photos from Roseau Rapids Rd North on 2008sep11:
Spiranthes magnicamporum: plant Spiranthes magnicamporum: plant Spiranthes magnicamporum: flowers Spiranthes magnicamporum: flower Riddells goldenrod?: plant Riddells goldenrod?: flowers

Photos from PTH12 S of PR201 on 2008sep11:
Puffball mushroom?: Puffball mushroom?: from below Puffball mushroom?: from inside

Photos from BuffaloPoint on 2008sep11:
Small purple fringed-orchid: plant with pods Small purple fringed-orchid: pods Red fox: running Red fox: Red fox: