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Photos from Baldock Street in West St-Paul MB on 2009apr10:
Tiger Dam tube dikes: Tiger Dam tube dikes: end-view Tiger Dam tube dikes: beside Grassmere Creek where it meets the Red River Tiger Dam tube dikes:
- these Tiger Dam tube dikes come in 50-ft lengths at $1,600 each; they're filled with water and are a quicker but dearer alternative to sandbags

Photos from Selkirk MB on 2009apr10:
ice under bridge: ice under bridge: closer
- the "lift bridge" over the Red River in Selkirk MB was closed to vehicular traffic when we saw it at 5pm; Adi reports seeing it open to vehicles a few hours earlier at 1:30pm

Photos from Selkirk MB on 2009apr10:
Canada Goose: pair on tiny island Canada Goose: pair on water Canada Goose: pair claiming a tiny island