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Photos from Tolstoi/Gardenton TGPP Prairie-Day on 2009aug08:
Canada anemone: plant Canada anemone: flower fly: on Canada anemone Christie: bird-banding talk Bergamot: plant Bergamot: Spiked lobelia: flower-spike with buds flowers capsules Spiked lobelia: flower-spike closer Swamp milkweed: buds Canada thistle: flower-head and bud Bergamot: Giant hyssop: flower-spike Canada goldenrod: in bud Sunflower: flower-head Sunflower: disk flowers Bergamot: nicer example plant Bergamot: nicer example Bergamot: nicer example Stiff goldenrod=Oligoneuron rigidum: flowers Flodmans thistle: plant in bud Flodmans thistle: bud Flodmans thistle: bud Flodmans thistle: flower-head Upland white aster: Wild morning-glory: plant Wild morning-glory: flower side view Wild morning-glory: flower Wild morning-glory: flower closeup Wild morning-glory: flower closeup

Photos from Can-Am Cafe at pr201 & pth59 on 2009aug08:
Angel's trumpet=Datura innoxia: plant Angel's trumpet=Datura innoxia: flower