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Photos from pth16 near Gladstone on 2009sep10:
Ox-eye daisy: many Ox-eye daisy: many

Photos from pth10 near Dauphin on 2009sep10:
Marijuana=hemp=Cannabis sativa: being grown as a field-crop Marijuana=hemp=Cannabis sativa: plants Marijuana=hemp=Cannabis sativa: leaf me: sampling the aroma of Cannabis
- when you see a whole field of it, you'll appreciate why it's known as "weed"
- I assume this was the low-THC variety that's sold as "hemp", but did not try it

Photos from Swan River on 2009sep10:
the: Swan of Swan River the: Swan of Swan River church: Greek Orthodox Catholic Church in Swan River, constructed 1963 Woods rose=Rosa woodsii: flower Woods rose=Rosa woodsii: hips and foliage