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Photos from Marble Ridge on 2009sep17:
Anglewing butterfly: Tippler's Bane=Coprinus atramentarius: Tippler's Bane=Coprinus atramentarius: Tippler's Bane=Coprinus atramentarius: underside Hyposizyus tesselatus: underside Dye maker's polypore=Phaeolus schweinitzii: Yellow ladyslipper small-variety: plant with seed-pod Striped coralroot: plant with seed-pods Striped coralroot: pods Striped coralroot: plant with pods many Long-bracted frog-orchid=Dactylorhiza viridis: plant with pods Coprinus logopus: Coprinus logopus: cap closer Birch polypore=Piptoporus betulinus: Birch polypore=Piptoporus betulinus: underside

Photos from gravel-road between pr224 and Jackhead on 2009sep17:
Yellow ladyslipper small-variety: plant no flower Yellow ladyslipper small-variety: dried flower but no pod Ramshead ladyslipper: plant dying back Platanthera aquilonis/huronensis: plant with pods Platanthera aquilonis/huronensis: seed-pods Ramshead ladyslipper: plant with pod Ramshead ladyslipper: seed-pod

Photos from Jackhead on 2009sep17:
boats: in harbour boats: in harbour closer