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Photos from Aunt Helen's collection, circa 1927 to present:
Aunt Helen PRPenner-family photos: 1927 Grandparents AnnaKLoewen+PeterRPenner c1927 Aunt Helen PRPenner-family photos: 1935 AuntHelen+IsaacPPenner+LiesaKPenner+HenryBReimer+MargaretPenner+CorneliusPDReimer c1935 Aunt Helen PRPenner-family photos: 1943 UncleAbe+UncleAbramKPlett+BrandtBoy+DavidPenner+RoyPenner+MervinPenner+ArtPlett-seated c1943 Aunt Helen PRPenner-family photos: 1927 UncleAbe c1927 Aunt Helen PRPenner-family photos: 1930 UncleAbe+Unidentified threshing-crew in USA c1930 Aunt Helen PRPenner-family photos: 1961 AuntHelen+GraceHead at Altenheim Aunt Helen PRPenner-family photos: 1999 AuntHelen Aunt Helen PRPenner-family photos: 2005 UncleJohn age99


In the first photo:
Grandmother Anna K Loewen born 1876-May01;
Grandfather Peter R Penner born 1877-Jan22;
- the photo is circa 1927 on the basis of:  Grandmother died in 1937 and she was skinny for a number of years before her death (from Aunt Helen).

In the second photo:
Helen L Penner (Aunt Helen) born 1918-May;
Isaac P Penner born 1913, later married Margaretha F Friesen;
Elizabeth K Penner, later became Taunte Liesa by marrying Uncle Abe R Reimer;
Henry B Reimer born 1916-Jan;
Margaret Penner, married Henry J Reimer in 1944-Feb;
Cornelius P D Reimer born 1916-May;
- the photo is from circa 1935:  since Aunt Helen recalls she was not yet 18 years old.

In the third photo:
back row:  Abram L Penner (Uncle Abe), Abram K Plett (Uncle Obrum);
middle row:  Brandt boy, David Penner, Raynold (Roy) Penner, Mervin Penner;
seated:  Art Plett;
- the partially identified boy is a Brandt and a cousin to David & Roy Penner, probably William son of Abram U Brandts;
- the identified boys were born between 1934-Feb and 1936-Oct, ergo the photo is from 1943 or thereabouts.

In the fifth photo:  Uncle Abe is on the left, the other man is unidentified;  it is somewhere in the USA while Uncle Abe was working with a threshing crew circa 1930.

Photos from Uncle John's 100th Birthday party in Steinbach on 2006May15:
Aunt Helen PRPenner-family photos: 2006 AuntHelen+UncleJohn at his 100th Birthday Party
- this is my Uncle John Penner, as opposed to my other Uncle John (Reimer).