Photos collected for the K P L Reimer gathering on 2006jun11

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Grandparents, Klaas P L Reimer and Anna B Reimer:
KPL0: 01 Grandparents+youngUncleAbe 1916 inFowlerKS from:pkr KPL0: 02 Baseball on drifted soil from:pkr KPL0: 03 drifted topsoil in Kansas from:pkr KPL0: 04 SundaySchoolClass in Kansas from:pkr KPL0: 05 KPLReimerFamilyWithTruck 1930aug from:ralph KPL0: 06 Grandparents from:ralph KPL0: 07 Grandparents from:pkr KPL0: 08 clipping 1958jun24 from:ralph KPL0: 09 Grandparents+their 3 youngest from:pkr KPL0: 10 GrandmotherInGarden from:pkr KPL0: 11 John+SaraBarkman+sistersinlaw+Grandma from:ralph KPL0: 12 KPLReimer 2ndGeneration withUncleAbe from:ralph KPL0: 13 KPLReimer 2ndGeneration 1993dec from:danny KPL0: 14 KPLReimer 2ndGeneration recent from:pkr

1. Abram R Reimer and Elizabeth K Penner:
KPL1: 01 WeddingDay from:garnet KPL1: 02 BeforeRobert from:garnet KPL1: 03 ThenRobert from:garnet KPL1: 04 Fire from:garnet KPL1: 05 MorningAfterFire from:garnet KPL1: 06 FirstGrandkids from:garnet KPL1: 07 Omelette from:garnet KPL1: 08 AuntLisaWithGrandchildren from:garnet KPL1: 09 AuntLisa+Nancy from:garnet KPL1: 10 Garnet+Betty+AuntLisa+JoysChildren from:esther KPL1: 11 TomorrowsCatch theNextGeneration from:garnet KPL1: 12 TheHunt from:garnet

2. Marie R Reimer and Cornelius P Friesen:
KPL2: 01 Corny+Family from:ron KPL2: 02 Ted+Family from:ron KPL2: 03 John+Family from:ron KPL2: 04 Edna+Family from:ron KPL2: 05 Klass+Family from:ron KPL2: 06 Ron+Family from:ron KPL2: 07 Menno+Family from:ron KPL2: 08 Albert+Family from:ron KPL2: 09 David+Family from:ron KPL2: 10 Harry+Family from:ron KPL2: 11 Caroline+Family from:ron KPL2: 12 BenAndPhyllis from:ron KPL2: 13 LandmarkHouse from:ron KPL2: 14 RivertonFarmstead from:ron KPL2: 15 AuntMarie+UncleCornie from:ron

3. Peter K Reimer and Betty L Penner:
KPL3: 01 schoolkids+buggy in Kansas circa1928 from:pkr KPL3: 02 BigRabbit in Kansas circa1930 from:pkr KPL3: 03 PeteAndBettyReimer Wedding from:pkr KPL3: 04 lumber camp Roblin 1941 from:pkr KPL3: 05 logging+sawmill from:pkr KPL3: 06 OldHouse from:pkr KPL3: 07 PKReimerFamily 1950nov beforeMexicoTrip from:pkr KPL3: 08 InWinter circa1954 from:pkr KPL3: 09 youngEugene+Iris from:pkr KPL3: 10 AerialPhotoOfFarmyard from:pkr KPL3: 11 Combining from:pkr KPL3: 12 PKReimerFamily from:pkr

4. Margareta R Reimer and Cornelius P Unger:
KPL4: 01 CPUngerWedding from:ralph KPL4: 02 barn+tractor 1966apr from:ralph KPL4: 03 toboggan slide 1966mar from:ralph KPL4: 04 hens 1967apr from:ralph KPL4: 05 egg processing 1969jul from:ralph KPL4: 06 hog butchering CP+Wes+Ralph from:ralph KPL4: 07 Irene+Elden+family from:ralph KPL4: 08 RalphAndFamily from:ralph KPL4: 09 Feet RalphAndFamily from:ralph KPL4: 10 WesAndFamily from:ralph KPL4: 11 Wes+Jo+family from:wes KPL4: 12 LouiseAndFamily from:ralph KPL4: 13 Louise+PeterHiebertFamily from:louise KPL4: 14 CPUngerFamily from:ralph

5. Anna R Reimer and Edward P Friesen:
KPL5: 01 AuntAnne+UncleEd Wedding from:danny KPL5: 02 HouseInRidgewood from:danny KPL5: 03 FiveChildren+1940sCar from:danny KPL5: 04 AuntAnne+UncleEd+family from:danny KPL5: 05 RuthWithMonkey atMonkeyJungle Florida from:judy KPL5: 06 JamesPicksCoconut onFloridaKeys from:judy KPL5: 07 AuntAnneOnElephant from:danny KPL5: 08 UncleEd feeding deer from:danny KPL5: 09 Danny+Della+family from:danny KPL5: 10 Danny+Della+family more recent from:danny KPL5: 11 JudyStudyingWithKitten from:judy KPL5: 12 AuntAnne+Judy+Becky from:judy KPL5: 13 MB Group MiniGolf Winnipeg from:judy KPL5: 14 Ruth+Larry+Family Earl+Raph+Lori+Shieshe from:ruth KPL5: 15 AuntAnne+Becky atCabinInSaskatchewan from:judy

6. Henry R Reimer and Katharina K Plett:
KPL6: 01 UncleHenry+AuntTina Wedding 1944 from:mildred KPL6: 02 FirstHouse 1945 from:mildred KPL6: 03 UncleHenry+AuntTina+Mildred+Doris 1948 from:mildred KPL6: 04 Mildred+Doris on tractor inMexico 1952 from:mildred KPL6: 05 Mildred+Doris+house inMexico from:mildred KPL6: 06 HenryReimerFarm Riverton 1993aug from:mildred KPL6: 07 yard from:mildred KPL6: 08 house+frontyard from:mildred KPL6: 09 UncleHenry+AuntTina on steps 1985 from:mildred KPL6: 10 truck with logs 1977 from:mildred KPL6: 11 UncleHenry+AuntTina with firewood 1989jun from:mildred KPL6: 12 truck+drill+UncleHenry+AuntTina 1993may from:mildred KPL6: 13 HenryReimerFamily from:mildred KPL6: 14 Karen+Krista visit AuntTina 2003 from:mildred KPL6: 15 AuntTina 80th birthday from:mildred

7. Elizabeth Reimer:
KPL7: 01 AuntLiz WithPhone from:ron KPL7: 02 AuntLiz WithAllysonsChildren from:esther KPL7: 03 AuntLiz+Joy+Rebecca+Nathaniel from:liz KPL7: 04 AuntEsther+Verna+AuntLiz from:ralph KPL7: 05 AuntLizAndAuntMarie from:ralph KPL7: 06 AuntLiz from:liz KPL7: 07 AuntLiz cropfromgroup from:liz

8. John R Reimer and Trudy Brown:
KPL8: 01 UncleJohnAndTrudy from:ralph KPL8: 02 UncleJohnAndTrudyWithBaby from:pkr KPL8: 03 young Joy+Allyson from:pkr KPL8: 04 Allyson+Joy from:ralph KPL8: 05 Allyson+Joy from:ralph KPL8: 06 Joy+Allyson from:liz KPL8: 07 UncleJohnWithSculpture from:esther KPL8: 08 UncleJohn in chair from:ron KPL8: 09 Allyson atJoysPlace from:liz KPL8: 10 Nicole inGrade7 from:liz KPL8: 11 Mark young from:liz KPL8: 12 Kerri+Michael AllysonsTwins from:liz KPL8: 13 Allyson+Joy+children atAllysons from:liz KPL8: 14 Rebecca+Nathaniel+BirthdayCake+friends from:liz KPL8: 15 Rebecca from:liz KPL8: 16 Nathaniel from:liz KPL8: 17 Rebecca+AllysonsTwins Keri+Michael from:liz KPL8: 18 Rebecca+Nathaniel+Joy from:liz

9. Esther Reimer and Don Crowe:
KPL9: 01 AuntEsther MedicalTechnologyGraduation from:ron KPL9: 02 DonAndEstherWeddingPhoto from:esther KPL9: 03 Joy+Esther+Don+Allyson from:esther KPL9: 04 AuntEstherWithCat from:pkr KPL9: 05 AuntEstherAtMicroscope from:esther KPL9: 06 SaudiProfessionalism from:esther KPL9: 07 AuntEstherInIndia from:pkr

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