Index to Preservings, Issues 1-13

compiled by Linda Buhler, Box 2895, Steinbach MB R0A2A0, in 1999

minor editing and conversion to HTML by Eugene Reimer in 2007
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Abrams, Heinrich (b.1832) & Maria (Heinrichs):  No.11,p.76No.13,p.95

Abrams, Johann (b.1828) and Maria:  No.10ptI,p.53

Against the Wind, the story of four Mennonite Villages, by John Friesen:  No.5,p.16 (Book Review)

Airplanes built in Steinbach:  No.9ptI,p.74No.9ptII,p.19

Alt-Bergfeld, E.R.:  No.8ptI,p.10,16No.10ptI,p.43,44,49

American Fundamentalism:  No.10ptI,p.8,15No.12,p.54

Anderson, James & Maria (nee Fast):  No.10ptII,p.39

Andres, Wanda Friesen (contributor):  No.13,p.47

Archives:  (see Records & Documents)

Baerg, Peter (b.1817):  No.13,p.71

Banks and Bankers:  No.7,p.30 (see also Johann S. Rempel)

Banman, Cornelius (b.1839) & Anna (Gerbrand):  No.11,p.93

Barkman, Albert, editor, Home NewsNo.12,p.109 (Book Review)

Barkman, Anna (b.1887):  (see also Barkman, Jacob D.);  No.6,p.27

Barkman, Anna's Trunk:  No.10ptII,p.77

Barkman, Cathy Friesen (contributor):  No.6,p.26No.7,p.48,55No.8ptI,p.12No.9ptII,p.25,32,67No.10ptII,p.50No.11,p.76No.13,p.94

Barkman, Jacob T. (b.1848) & Aganetha (Giesbrecht):  No.13,p.68

Barkman, Jakob D. (b.1886):  (see also Barkman, Anna);  No.7,p.50No.9ptI,p.18No.9ptII,p.44No.10ptI,p.77

Barkman, Jakob J. (b.1794) & Gertrude (Klassen):  No.10ptII,p.31

Barkman, Jakob M. (b.1824):  No.6,p.23No.9ptII,p.1(Feature)No.12,p.82

Barkman, Johann F. (b.1879) and Matilda (Kneller):  No.12,p.52

Barkman, Johann G. (b.1887):  No.12,p.95

Barkman, Johann G., Mayor (b.1858) and Margaretha (Friesen):  No.9ptI,p.22No.12,p.50,80

Barkman, Katie Kroeker (contributor):  No.8ptII,p.54No.9ptII,p.65No.10ptI,p.81No.12,p.77

Barkman, Margaret, Al Fast, Lois Janzen, Lorna Penner, Annie Plett, Janzen Cookbook and MemoriesNo.7,p.55 (Book Review)

Barkman, Maria Fast Harms Klassen (b.1851):  No.10ptI,p.47No.13,p.69

Barkman, Martin G. and Anna (Doerksen):  No.10ptII,p.1

Barkman, Peter K. (b.1826):  No.9ptI,p.41,64

Barkman, Peter M.:  No.10ptII,p.77

Barkman, Peter T. (b.1861):  No.9ptII,p.32,47,67

Barkman, Roland (contributor):  No.12,p.50

Barkman, Sarah Reimer (b.1887):  No.12,p.95

Barn-raising:  No.9ptII,p.53

Bartel, Elisabeth Reimer (contributor):  No.10ptI,p.37

Bartel, Harvey (contributor):  No.5,p.10No.10ptII,p.75

Bartel, Harvey and Bartel, Peter K., Bartel: 20th Century American Bartel from 19th Century Ukraine: 18th Century Prussia: 17th Century NederlandtNo.5,p.15 (Book Review)

Bartel, Heinrich (b.1834):  No.5,p.15-16

Bartel, Jacob W. (b.1864):  No.9ptI,p.30

Bartel, Johannes (b.1764):  No.4,p.11No.6,p.24

Bartel, Margaret Rempel (contributor):  No.8ptI,p.48

Bartel: 20th Century American Bartel from 19th Century Ukraine: 18th Century Prussia: 17th Century Nederlandt, by Harvey Bartel and Peter K. Bartel:  No.5,p.15 (Book Review)

Beck, Erwin (contributor):  No.12,p.110

Belize:  No.11,p.19No.12,p.38No.13,p.50

Bergen, David, A Year of LesserNo.10ptII,p.81 (Book Review)

Bergen, Jakob (1872) and Katharina (Teichroeb):  No.11,p.41

Bergen, Justina Loewen (b.1828):  No.10ptI,p.6

Bergen, Margaret (contributor):  No.11,p.41

Bergen, Peter (contributor):  No.8ptII,p.61

Bergen, Peter and Maria (Hiebert):  No.8ptII,p.61

Bergthal, E.R.:  No.11,p.88,90

Bergthal, Russia:  No.4,p.6No.6,p.19No.11,p.3No.13,p.57 (Census Records)

Bernardo, Dr.:  No.11,p.1

Bethesda first 50 years, by Peter Pauls:  No.9ptII,p.69 (Book Review)

Bibles:  No.2,p.1 (Friesen, Abraham)No.6,p.26No.7,p.48(Schroeder, Gerhard)

Bishops in Chortitzer Church:  No.11,p.9,90

Block, Peter (b.circa 1797):  No.9ptII,p.28

Blumengard, E.R.:  No.9ptII,p.30No.11,p.93

Blumenhof, E.R.:  No.7,p.40No.10ptII,p.75

Blumenort, E.R.:  No.9ptI,p.48

Blumstein Legacy: A Six Generation Family Saga, by Leland D. Harder and Samuel W. Harder:  No.13,p.129 (Book Review)

Book Store:  No.8ptII,p.20No.9ptI,p.29

Books:  (see also Bibles);  No.9ptII,p.66 (Sermons)No.11,p.97 (Menno Simons)

Borland, Thomas (b.1825) & Mary (Peck):  No.13,p.86

Borosenko, Violence in:  No.11,p.41

Bounty Grants, Military:  No.7,p.40

Brandt, Di, Jerusalem BelovedNo.9ptII,p.72 (Book Review)

Brandt, Edward, Where Once They Toiled: A Visit to the Former Mennonite Homelands in the Vistula ValleyNo.1,p.3 (Book Review)

Brandt, Heinrich R. (b.1838):  No.12,p.65,82

Brandt, Klaas S. (b.1815):  No.10ptI,p.78No.12,p.65

Brandt, Klaas W. (b.1876) & Helena (Friesen):  No.9ptI,p.74

Brandt, Nettie and Lorilee Scharfenberg, Gateway to the Past: The Cornelius D. and Maria Loewen StoryNo.12,p.108 (Book Review)

Brandt, Stephen, The Pries Family Tree: Descendants of Jakob Pries Feb 14 1840 and Elisabeth Esau May 22 1844No.12,p.107 (Book Review)

Braun Family Tree: Jakob D. Braun 1826-1919 Katharina (Funk) Braun 1827-1919, by Henry J. Braun, et al:  No.7,p.54 (Book Review)

Braun, Ernest (contributor):  No.10ptI,p.43No.11,p.27,61

Braun, Helena Abrams (b.1861):  No.10ptI,p.53

Braun, Henry J. et al, Braun Family Tree: Jakob D. Braun 1826-1919 Katharina (Funk) Braun 1827-1919No.7,p.54 (Book Review)

Braun, Jacob (b.1853) and Maria (Funk):  No.11,p.61

Braun, Jacob (b.1887) and Maria (Klassen):  (see also Braun, Katherina Falk);  No.11,p.61

Braun, Jacob D. (1826) and Katharina (Funk):  No.7,p.54

Braun, Johann Funk (b.1857) & Helena (Abrams):  No.8ptI,p.44No.10ptI,p.53No.12,p.62No.13,p.83

Braun, Katherina Falk (b.1890):  (see also Braun, Jacob b.1887);  No.10ptI,p.43

Braun, Peter A. (b.1890):  No.13,p.83

Braun, Walter F. (contributor):  No.10ptII,p.25No.13,p.83

Brazil, Trip to:  No.13,p.53

Breadbanks:  (see Financial Aid to Mennonites)

Brick, Looking Up, by Grant Loewen:  No.1,p.3 (Book Review)

Broeski Heritage 1990 Edition, by Peter F. Broesky:  No.12,p.105 (Book Review)

Broeski, Johan (b.1838):  No.12,p.105

Broesky, Peter F., editor, Broeski Heritage 1990 EditionNo.12,p.105 (Book Review)

Buhler, Linda (contributor):  No.1,p.4No.2,p.5No.3,p.9No.4,p.8,9No.5,p.11,12No.6,p.16,27No.7,p.27,41,51No.8ptII,p.48No.10ptII,p.40,78No.11,p.83No.13,p.98,101

Buhr, Jakob & Katharina (Heinrichs):  No.10ptII,p.66

Buhr, Jakob (b.1805) & Maria (Neufeld):  No.12,p.30

Burial Customs:  No.7,p.51No.8ptII,p.48No.9ptII,p.44No.10ptII,p.78

Burial Sites:  (see Cemeteries)

Businesss Administrators of Chortitzer Church:  (see Waisenman)

Canes:  No.7,p.46

Cannon, Dyann, Actress:  No.12,p.30

Catholic Church, Mennonites converted to:  No.9ptII,p.25

Catholics converted to Mennonite Church:  No.10ptI,p.62No.10ptII,p.44

Cemeteries:  No.1,p.4No.9ptII,p.49No.10ptI,p.36

Cemetery: Bergthal, Ukraine:  No.6,p.19

Cemetery: Blumenhof:  No.10ptII,p.75

Cemetery: Chortitza Colony:  No.12,p.33

Cemetery: Molotschna, Ukraine:  No.12,p.41-43,48

Cemetery: Niverville & area:  No.13,p.122

Cemetery: Osterwick South, E.R.:  No.12,p.102

Cemetery: Prussian:  No.9ptII,p.60

Cemetery: Reinland, E.R.:  No.8ptII,p.52 (Doerksen)

Cemetery: Rosenfeld, E.R.:  No.9ptI,p.39

Cemetery: Schanzenberg, E.R.:  No.9ptII,p.50 (Jakob S. Hiebert)

Cemetery: Schoenfeld, E.R.:  No.6,p.29No.8ptI,p.30No.9ptI,p.17

Cemetery: Steinbach Pioneer:  No.5,p.10No.6,p.17No.9ptI,p.19

Cemetery: Strassberg, E.R.:  No.7,p.35 (Loeppky)

Cemetery: Strassberg, E.R.:  No.8ptII,p.51 (Friesen)

Cemetery: Vollwerk:  No.3,p.9No.5,p.11No.7,p.27

Census, Bergthal and Friedrichsthal:  No.13,p.57

Census, Russian (1795-1858):  No.8ptI,p.58

Century Farms:  No.4,p.4No.8ptI,p.32

Cheese Factories:  No.8ptI,p.44No.9ptI,p.51No.9ptII,p.10

Chests, Dowry:  No.6,p.6No.10ptII,p.71,72,77No.11,p.46,93,95,96No.12,p.87-88,92,95No.13,p.120

Chortitz, E.R.:  No.1,p.3No.3,p.9No.6,p.3No.7,p.15,30No.8ptI,p.1,22No.8ptII,p.37No.10ptI,p.34 (Church)No.11,p.8 (Church)No.12,p.55No.13,p.109

Chortitza Colony, Russia:  No.8ptI,p.59

Chortitza, Island:  No.6,p.22

Chortitzer Church:  No.11,p.1(Feature)

Chortitzer Diaries of the East Reserve 1874-1930:  No.12,p.1(Feature)

Church Discipline:  No.7,p.36No.8ptI,p.49-50No.9ptII,p.19No.10ptI,p.8

Church Historians:  No.3,p.7

Churches, Prussia:  No.9ptII,p.58

Churches, Steinbach, MB:  No.9ptI,p.67No.9ptII,p.44No.10ptI,p.75No.12,p.54,81,84

Churches, Ukraine:  No.7,p.26

Classen, Johan M. (b.1865) and Margaretha (Rempel):  No.9ptII,p.69

Clearsprings, Manitoba:  No.10ptII,p.11,73No.11,p.79No.13,p.86

Clocks:  No.8ptII,p.60

Clothing and Costume:  No.2,p.5No.11,p.84

Collection of Poetry, A, by Kay Friesen:  No.9ptII,p.72 (Book Review)

Commemoration Celebrations:  No.8ptI,p.40No.13,p.47

Communist Party of Canada:  No.8ptII,p.35

Cornelius R. Reimer (1902-1959), by John K. Reimer:  No.12,p.107 (Book Review)

Cornelius Wiebe 1877-1974, by Marjorie Ann Voth:  No.9ptII,p.69 (Book Review)

Cornelsen, Abraham and Maria Wiens:  No.5,p.15

Cornelsen, Jakob H. (b.1898):  No.11,p.12

Cribs:  No.13,p.120

Crossing the Line, by David H. Elias:  No.13,p.134 (Book Review)

Daley-Wiebe, Margaret (contributor):  No.13,p.14

Dancing:  No.13,p.79

Delegates:  No.8ptI,p.51No.9ptII,p.48No.11,p.96,97No.13,p.133

Denver, John:  No.8ptI,p.30No.11,p.13

Derksen, Eugene:  No.12,p.58

Derksen, Gerhard S.:  No.13,p.89-90

Desautels dit Lapointe, Jean Baptist:  No.7,p.40

Descendants of Cornelius W. Loewen (1827-1893), by Melvin J. Loewen:  No.6,p.31 (Book Review)

Descendants of Klaas F. Penner and Maria Penner, by Frieda Thiessen:  No.13,p.128 (Book Review)

Descendants of Klaas I. Friesen (1868-1927) and Katharina Penner (1871-1952), by Melvin J. Loewen:  No.11,p.100 (Book Review)

Descendants of OHM Abraham Wiebe (1831-1991), compiled by John Wall, Bruce Wiebe, Margaret Wiebe, Hans Werner, etc.:  No.13,p.128 (Book Review)

Desks:  No.8ptII,p.58

Diaries:  (see "Chortitzer Diaries" and "Journals and Diaries")

Dick, Harold J., Lawyers of Mennonite Background in Western Canada Before the Second World War: Two Cultures in ConflictNo.1,p.3 (Book Review)

Die ersten mennonitischen Einwanderer in Paraguay, by Abraham B. Giesbrecht:  No.7,p.55 (Book Review)

Dies und Das, by Abe Warkentin:  No.12,p.109 (Book Review)

Dishes:  No.12,p.96,98

Documents:  (see Records)

Doerksen, Abraham (b.1827):  No.11,p.1,73No.12,p.61

Doerksen, Bernard P. and Doerksen, Garth B.P., Kleine Gemeinde Grave Sites of Blumenort Manitoba and Area (East Reserve) 1875-1990No.4,p.8 (Book Review)

Doerksen, David S. (b.1845) & Helena Bueckert:  No.12,p.61

Doerksen, Frank B (contributor):  No.12,p.61

Doerksen, Garth (contributor):  No.5,p.13No.6,p.28

Doerksen, Gerhard (b.1825) and Helena (Dick):  No.5,p.13No.6,p.28No.10ptII,p.1No.11,p.95

Doerksen, Henrich, Rev (b.1855):  No.7,p.38No.12,p.24

Doerksen, Jacob (b.1804) & Helena (Sawatzky):  No.12,p.61

Doerksen, Jacob (b.1836):  No.7,p.47

Doerksen, Jacob (b.1865) and Helena (Dueck):  No.7,p.42

Doerksen, Jacob (contributor):  No.1,p.2No.2,p.6No.3,p.5No.4,p.3No.5,p.5,15No.6,p.5No.7,p.40,47No.8ptI,p.4,14No.10ptI,p.34No.11,p.8No.12,p.37

Doerksen, Johann (b.1852):  No.8ptII,p.52

Dram, Heather (contributor):  No.7,p.44

Drama:  No.6,p.22

Dubienski, Bernard:  No.7,p.16

Dudman, Edward S. (b.1883) and Regina (Doerksen):  No.11,p.1

Dueck, Abram L (b.1841):  No.10ptII,p.36

Dueck, Ben B. (contributor):  No.10ptII,p.1

Dueck, Benjamin, The Schellenberg 1634-1995 DescendantsNo.7,p.54 (Book Review)

Dueck, Cornelius P., Rev. (contributor):  No.8ptII,p.60No.10ptI,p.83

Dueck, Denver (b.1973):  No.11,p.19

Dueck, Franz, Minister (b.1822):  (see Dyck, Franz)

Dueck, Heinrich R. & Katharina (nee Reimer):  No.10ptII,p.47

Dueck, Jakob (b.1846) & Maria (Neufeldt):  No.13,p.98

Dueck, Jakob L.:  No.7,p.29

Dueck, Johann D. & Margaretha (Hiebert):  No.6,p.30

Dueck, Johann Klaas (b.1801):  No.8ptII,p.33No.10ptII,p.43

Dueck, Johann L. (b.1833):  No.13,p.127

Dueck, Johann R. (b.1860) & Margaretha (Kroeker):  No.9ptII,p.20No.10ptI,p.74

Dueck, Johann W. (b.1865):  No.7,p.53No.9ptI,p.29

Dueck, Levi et al, Prairie Pioneer: The Writings of John W. DueckNo.7,p.53 (Book Review)

Dueck, Nettie Loewen (contributor):  No.13,p.47

Dueck, Peter L. (b.1842):  No.8ptI,p.55No.9ptI,p.29No.10ptII,p.54

Dueck, Peter R., Aeltester (b.1862):  No.9ptII,p.29No.10ptI,p.77,83

Dueck, Wendy (contributor):  No.8ptII,p.33No.9ptII,p.57No.10ptII,p.47

Dufferin, Lord:  No.12,p.37

Dyck, Arnold (Abram Bernard) (b.1889) and Katharine (Vogt):  No.13,p.89

Dyck, Arnold, Hochfeld: Ein Steppendorf im Buergerkrieg-Ukraine 1918-19No.13,p.132 (Book Review)

Dyck, Frank & Nettie:  No.13,p.22

Dyck, Frank (contributor):  No.13,p.22

Dyck, Franz, Minister (b.1822):  No.11,p.81

Dyck, Harvey L, Dr. (contributor):  No.13,p.2

Dyck, Helen (contributor):  No.9ptII,p.24

Dyck, Isaak (b.1898) & Anna (Sawatzky):  No.13,p.22

Dyck, John (contributor):  No.1,p.4No.2,p.3No.3,p.8No.5,p.2No.6,p.17,29No.7,p.24No.8ptI,p.10,59No.8ptII,p.39No.10ptII,p.7,66,82No.11,p.81

Dyck, John and William Harms, 1880 Village Census of the Mennonite West ReserveNo.12,p.105 (Book Review)

Dyck, John and William Harms, Reinlaender GemeindebuchNo.6,p.32 (Book Review)

Dyck, Paul, Rev. (contributor):  No.13,p.19

Dyck, Sarah, The Silence Echoes: Memoirs of Trauma and TearsNo.13,p.127 (Book Review)

East Reserve 125 Steering Committee:  No.12,p.35,36No.13,p.44

Ebenfeld, E.R.:  No.10ptI,p.11No.10ptII,p.28No.11,p.65,69

Ebenfeld, Russia:  No.8ptII,p.5No.12,p.43

Ediger, Mildred, A Pictorial History of the Thiessen and Friesen Families 1752-1992...No.6,p.30 (Book Review)

Education:  No.8ptI,p.1(Feature),p.14No.12,p.71 (1879 Teachers Conference)

Eidse, Abram K. (b.1882):  No.9ptI,p.32

Eidse, Anna Bartel (b.1889):  No.9ptI,p.30

Eidse, Cornelius and Katharina (Klassen):  No.10ptI,p.65

Eidse, Helena Klassen (b.1861):  No.8ptI,p.51No.9ptII,p.53

Eigenfeld, E.R.:  No.5,p.6

Eigenhof, E.R.:  No.12,p.37

Eighteen-eighty 1880 Village Census of the Mennonite West Reserve, by John Dyck and William Harms:  No.12,p.105 (Book Review)

Elias, David, Crossing the LineNo.13,p.134 (Book Review)

Elias, David, Places of GraceNo.13,p.134 (Book Review)

Emigration and Immigration:  No.1,p.6 (Paraguay)No.4,p.1(Feature) (Paraguay)No.7,p.1(Feature)No.7,p.55 (Paraguay)No.8ptI,p.33-34No.9ptII,p.5No.10ptI,p.44 (Paraguay)No.10ptII,p.58 (1920's)No.11,p.58 (1948 to Paraguay)No.11,p.92 (to Canada 1875)No.13,p.47(post W.W.II)No.13,p.133(Paraguay)

Enns, Adolf (contributor):  No.9ptII,p.68No.12,p.109

Enns, Cornelius & Helena (nee Penner):  No.10ptII,p.64

Enns, David D. (b.1886) & Margaretha (Franz b.1892):  No.10ptII,p.56

Enns, Edward, In Search of Abraham Ens (1799- ); Abraham Ens (1826-1913); Abraham Ens (1861-1935)No.8ptII,p.64 (Book Review)

Enns, Isaak (b.1794) & Maria (Lehn):  No.13,p.109

Enns, Jakob (b.1881) and Anna (Kehler):  No.10ptI,p.66

Enns-Rempel, Kevin, et al, A History of the Peter F. Rempel Family August 4 1995No.7,p.55 (Book Review)

Ens, Abraham (b.1826):  No.8ptII,p.64

Ens, Abraham (b.1861):  No.8ptII,p.64

Ens, Adolf, Subjects or Citizens?: The Mennonite Experience in CanadaNo.6,p.31 (Book Review)

Ens, Anna, In Search of Unity. Story of the Conference of Mennonites in ManitobaNo.9ptII,p.71 (Book Review)

Epidemics:  No.9ptII,p.31No.10ptI,p.53No.10ptII,p.10,15,39No.11,p.48,74No.13,p.10

Epp, George K, Dr.:  No.11,p.30

Epp, Heinrich (reprinted) (contributor):  No.8ptII,p.5

Epp, Reuben, The Spelling of Low German & PlautdietschNo.11,p.102 (Book Review)

Epp-Tiessen, Esther (contributor):  No.13, p 126

Ernestly! Happy Yesterdays!, by Ernest Neufeld:  No.7,p.53 (Book Review)

Esau, Johan (b.1828):  No.12,p.104No.13,p.70

Esau, Johann and Maria (nee Unger):  No.10ptI,p.58

Ethnic Cleansing (see also Soviet Inferno):  No.11,p.11-13No.12,p.8

Fagan, Cary (contributor):  No.9ptII,p.72

Falk Family Reunion:  No.9ptI,p.15

Falk, Lydia (contributor):  No.7,p.20No.9ptI,p.15

Falk, Peter T. and Anna (Abrams):  No.10ptI,p.43

Family Book of Jacob W. Isaac 1879-1964, by Herman and Frieda Isaac:  No.8ptII,p.63 (Book Review)

Family Register of Abraham Cornelsen and Maria Wiens, by Mary Kornelsen and Betty Kehler:  No.5,p.15 (Book Review)

Family Register of Peter F. Plett 1884-1990, by Marian and Les Plett:  No.11,p.101 (Book Review)

Family Tree of John I. Penner 1893-1973, by Robert and Dawn Penner:  No.9ptII,p.71 (Book Review)

Family, Church, and Market: A Mennonite Community in the Old and New Worlds, by Royden Loewen:  No.2,p.6 (Book Review)

Fast, Aganetha (Agnes) (b.1883):  No.10ptII,p.38

Fast, Cornelius W. (b.1840):  No.8ptII,p.22No.10ptII,p.38

Fast, Gerhard (b.1877) and Helena (Wiebe):  No.9ptII,p.17No.10ptI,p.49

Fast, Heinrich (b.1826) and Charlotte (Maria):  No.4,p.8No.9ptII,p.37No.10ptI,p.47,74No.10ptII,p.71

Fast, Heinrich L. (b.1865):  No.13,p.87

Fast, Henry (contributor):  No.2,p.7No.4,p.8No.5,p.11,16No.7,p.29No.9ptII,p.37No.10ptII,p.43,71No.11,p.95No.12,p.109No.13,p.87

Fast, Jacob Wiebe, Judge (b.1899):  No.9ptII,p.17

Fast, Margaretha (b.1889):  No.10ptI,p.12

Financial Aid to Mennonites:  No.8ptII,p.40

Folklore and Sayings:  No.2,p.6No.3,p.9

Fraktur Art:  (see Print Culture)

Frantz, Heinrich & Barbara (Rempel):  No.10ptII,p.56

Franz Froese (1825-1913) and Anna Braun (1844-1908) Family Register, by David Goossen:  No.5,p.15 (Book Review)

Freedom 50 Jubilee:  No.13,p.47

Friedensfeld, E.R.:  No.2,p.4No.11,p.78

Friedensfeld, Molotschna:  No.9ptII,p.2

Friesen - see also Riesen, von

Friesen Family Origins (Bergthaler/Chortitzer):  No.11,p.33

Friesen, Aaron S. (b.1848) & Anna (Loeppky):  No.8ptII,p.51No.11,p.51

Friesen, Abe, editor, Peter Friesen and Maria Rempel Descendants 1828-1994No.13,p.130 (Book Review)

Friesen, Abraham (b.1769):  No.2,p.1No.11,p.37

Friesen, Abraham (b.1782):  No.8ptI,p.50

Friesen, Abraham (b.1828):  No.11,p.40

Friesen, Abraham I. (b.1862):  No.13,p.49

Friesen, Abraham M. (b.1834):  No.8ptI,p.50No.9ptI,p.48

Friesen, Abraham W. (b.1812):  No.7,p.56

Friesen, Abram (1823) & Maria (Heinrichs):  No.10ptII,p.66No.11,p.39

Friesen, Abram (b.1816):  No.11,p.38

Friesen, Abram R. (b.1869):  No.9ptI,p.68

Friesen, Abram S. (b.1848):  No.7,p.37No.9ptI,p.67

Friesen, Abram T. (b.1854) and Cornelia (Harms):  No.10ptII,p.25No.13,p.130

Friesen, Aron Schwartz (b.1848) and Anna (Loeppky):  No.11,p.51

Friesen, Cornelius (b.1810):  No.8ptI,p.9No.12,p.105

Friesen, Cornelius P. (b.1844):  No.8ptII,p.55No.13,p.120

Friesen, Cornelius T. (b.1860):  No.8ptI,p.36No.11,p.35No.12,p.4

Friesen, David W. (b.1879):  No.11,p.34

Friesen, Dietrich S. (b.1849):  No.8ptI,p.7No.9ptI,p.25

Friesen, Elizabeth Reimer (contributor):  No.12,p.104No.13,p.68

Friesen, H.Irwin and Rudy Friesen, Memoiries from My Life: Heinrich J. FriesenNo.8ptII,p.63 (Book Review)

Friesen, Heidi Harms (contributor):  No.12,p.108

Friesen, Heinrich (Rev.) (b.1842):  No.5,p.13No.11,p.37No.12,p.3

Friesen, Heinrich B. (b.1836) and Helena:  No.7,p.36No.8ptI,p.50No.12,p.67

Friesen, Heinrich Delesky (b.1827):  No.5,p.11

Friesen, Heinrich Jacob (b.1901):  No.8ptII,p.63-64

Friesen, Helena Dueck (b.1876):  No.10ptII,p.36

Friesen, Helena Siemens (b.1812):  No.7,p.36

Friesen, Helene (contributor):  No.7,p.8

Friesen, Herman:  No.5,p.11No.6,p.25

Friesen, Ike and Sarah, Ernie and Elma Harder, Abe & Tina Funk, Abe & Eileen Klassen, The House of Funk: Abraham T. Funk (1875-1944) and Susanna D. Wiebe (1878-1967)No.10ptII,p.81 (Book Review)

Friesen, Isaac F. (b.1873):  No.8ptI,p.50No.9ptII,p.46

Friesen, J.R. (Nebraska):  No.7,p.55-56

Friesen, Jacob K.:  No.9ptI,p.22,23

Friesen, Jacob R. (b.1879) & Maria (nee Reimer):  No.9ptI,p.72No.12,p.100

Friesen, Jacob S. (b.1862):  No.2,p.7No.9ptII,p.10

Friesen, Johan E. (b.1885) and Barbara (Sobering):  No.9ptII,p.46,47

Friesen, Johan P. (b.1876) and Maria (Groening):  No.6,p.30

Friesen, Johann (b.1857) & Maria (Abrams):  No.13,p.95

Friesen, Johann I. (b.1860):  No.4,p.10No.9ptI,p.49

Friesen, Johann S. and Anna T. Barkman:  No.10ptI,p.72

Friesen, John J. (contributor):  No.10ptI,p.64No.13,p.133-4

Friesen, John K. (contributor):  No.8ptII,p.51No.11,p.51No.13,p.122

Friesen, John, Against the Wind, the story of four Mennonite VillagesNo.5,p.16 (Book Review)

Friesen, Katherina Penner (b.1871):  No.10ptII,p.55 (see also Friesen, Klaas I.)

Friesen, Kay, A Collection of PoetryNo.9ptII,p.72 (Book Review)

Friesen, Klaas B. (b.1838) and Maria (de Fehr):  No.8ptII,p.10,64No.12,p.79-80

Friesen, Klaas I. (b.1868):  No.8ptI,p.54No.9ptI,p.49No.10ptII,p.55No.11,p.100

Friesen, Klaas K. (b.1881):  No.9ptII,p.62No.10ptII,p.34No.11,p.49

Friesen, Klaas R. (b.1870):  No.9ptI,p.70No.10ptII,p.36

Friesen, Martin (b.1820):  No.13,p.94

Friesen, Martin C, Bishop (b.1889):  No.7,p.12,13

Friesen, Martin W. (contributor):  No.7,p.13

Friesen, Martin, Rev. (contributor):  No.10ptI,p.52No.12,p.102

Friesen, Peter (b.1828) & Maria (Rempel):  No.13,p.130

Friesen, Peter (b.1829) & Maria (Buhr):  No.12,p.30

Friesen, Peter (b.1857) & Marigan (Weiland):  No.10ptI,p.52No.12,p.103

Friesen, Peter D. (b.1835) and Aganetha:  No.8ptI,p.30

Friesen, Peter M. (b.1849):  No.11,p.38No.12,p.13-15

Friesen, Peter P. ("Doctor" -b.1878) and Agatha (Thiessen):  No.8ptI,p.30No.8ptII,p.33No.11,p.35No.13,p.63

Friesen, Peter R. (b.1872) & Margaretha (Kornelsen):  No.9ptI,p.71

Friesen, Peter T. (b.1893):  No.8ptII,p.21

Friesen, Peter W. (b.1895):  No.13,p.49

Friesen, Ralph (contributor):  No.7,p.36,37No.8ptII,p.7No.9ptI,p.67No.10ptII,p.36No.11,p.102No.12,p.100,111No.13,p.80

Friesen, Rudy P. and Sergey Shmakin, Into the Past: Buildings of the Mennonite CommonwealthNo.9ptII,p.68 (Book Review)

Friesen, Ted & Linie (contributor):  No.13,p.53

Friesen, Ted and Elisabeth Peters, editors, Memories of GrigorievkaNo.13,p.132 (Book Review)

Frock Coat:  No.11,p.84

Froese Family Book Committee, Froese Family Tree 1871-1998: celebrating 50 years in Canada: Froese Jakob 1871-1919 and Maria 1875-1943No.13,p.131 (Book Review)

Froese Family Tree 1871-1998: celebrating 50 years in Canada: Froese Jakob 1871- 1919 and Maria 1875-1943, by Froese Family Book Committee:  No.13,p.131 (Book Review)

Froese, Abram (b.1839) and Katharina (Reimer):  No.12,p.106

Froese, Anne (contributor):  No.10ptII,p.83-84

Froese, Franz (b.1825):  No.5,p.15No.11,p.98

Froese, Helga Warkentin (contributor):  No.8ptII,p.64No.9ptII,p.69No.13,p.131-2

Froese, Jakob (b.1871) & Maria:  No.13,p.131

Froese, Margaret, Susan Drysdale, Cathy Elchuk, editors, Peter (Reimer) and MariaFroeseNo.12,p.106 (Book Review)

Froese, Peter B. (b.1883) and Maria (Penner):  No.11,p.98

Froese, Peter Reimer (b.1870) and Maria (Penner):  No.12,p.106-107

Fuenfundsiebzig 75 Jahre Mennoniten in Mexico: 1922-1997, by Peter Rempel, Franz Rempel, George Rempel, Herman Neufeld, and Aganetha Neufeld:  No.11,p.103 (Book Review)

Funeral Announcements/Letters:  No.6,p.26No.8ptII,p.52No.9ptII,p.38

Funeral Customs:  (see Burial Customs)

Funk, Abraham T. (b.1875) and Susanna D. Wiebe (b.1878):  No.10ptII,p.81No.13,p.63

Funk, Anne (contributor):  No.11,p.58,101

Funk, Johann (b.1866) and Aganetha (Stoesz):  No.11,p.91

Funk, Johann E. (b.1878):  No.7,p.41

Funk, Justina Wiebe (contributor):  No.6,p.9

Funk, Peter (b.1841) and Elizabeth (Doerksen):  No.7,p.43

Funk, Peter K. (b.1860) and Helena (Wiebe):  No.12,p.84,105No.13,p.67

Funk, Peter R.:  No.10ptII,p.40

Funk, Peter T.:  No.8ptII,p.63

Funk, Sarah Sawatzky:  No.10ptII,p.40

Furniture, Mennonite (see also Material Culture & Chests, Dowry):  No.12,p.87

Gateway to the Past: The Cornelius D. and Maria Loewen Story, by Nettie Brandt and Lorilee Scharfenberg:  No.12,p.108 (Book Review)

Gdansk, Poland (see also Prussian Roots):  No.8ptI,p.32No.9ptII,p.57No.12,p.1

Genealogy and History of the J.R. Friesen Family 1782-1990, by Anna Z. Siemens:  No.7,p.55 (Book Review)

Gerbrandt, Evelyn (contributor):  No.8ptII,p.10

Gerbrandt, Evelyn, Klaas B. Friesen Nov 18 1835 - July 15 1922No.8ptII,p.64 (Book Review)

Gerbrandt, Johann (b.1847):  No.13,p.94

Giesbrecht (Gysbrechtsz), Cornelis:  No.3,p.4

Giesbrecht Family Origins (Kleine Gemeinde):  No.9ptI,p.21

Giesbrecht, Abraham B., Die Ersten mennonitischen Einwanderer in ParaguayNo.7,p.55 (Book Review)

Giesbrecht, Aganetha Eidse (b.1865):  No.10ptI,p.65

Giesbrecht, Anganetha Thiessen (b.1825):  No.9ptI,p.21No.10ptII,p.19

Giesbrecht, Elisabeth T. (Mrs. Gerhard F)-reprinted (contributor):  No.9ptI,p.46

Giesbrecht, Gerhard (b.1742):  No.9ptI,p.21

Giesbrecht, Gerhard (b.1816):  No.9ptI,p.21No.10ptII,p.19

Giesbrecht, Gerhard F. (reprinted) (contributor):  No.9ptI,p.23

Giesbrecht, Gerhard F. and Elizabeth (Loewen):  No.10ptII,p.73

Giesbrecht, Gerhard K. (b.1872):  No.8ptII,p.30

Giesbrecht, Gerhard R. (b.1846):  No.9ptI,p.22,59No.10ptI,p.65

Giesbrecht, William T. (b.1849) and Katharina (Friesen):  No.9ptI,p.22,23No.12,p.81-82

Ginter, Maria (b.1909):  No.13,p.100

Giroux Volks Bote:  (see Steinbach Post)

Goerz, Heinrich, Memrik A Mennonite Settlement in RussiaNo.12,p.109 (Book Review)

Goossen, David, Franz Froese (1825-1913) and Anna Braun (1844-1908) Family RegisterNo.5,p.15 (Book Review)

Goossen, Ernest Ralph (b.1924):  No.13,p.80

Goossen, Gerhard P. & Anna (Klassen, b.1839):  No.10ptII,p.16

Goossen, John D. and Elisabeth (Friesen):  No.1,p.1No.8ptII,p.60No.9ptI,p.75

Goossen, Peter D. (b.1890):  No.10ptII,p.17

Granny Stories:  No.10ptII,p.10

Great is Thy Faithfulness: Fifty Years of Rest Haven 1946-1996, by John Kornelsen, et al:  No.9ptII,p.69 (Book Review)

Greenland:  No.7,p.32No.8ptII,p.30No.9ptI,p.50-51No.11,p.85

Grigorievka, Russia:  No.13,p.132

Groening, Peter (b.1842) & Agatha (Peters):  No.6,p.29

Gruenfeld, E.R. (Kleefeld):  No.7,p.29No.8ptI,p.55No.8ptII,p.33No.9ptI,p.29No.9ptII,p.10,39No.10ptII,p.36No.11,p.55

Gruenthal (Grunthal):  No.8ptI,p.44No.12,p.63No.13,p.84

Gypsies:  No.11,p.73

Hairdressers:  No.5,p.12

Hamm, Al (contributor):  No.7,p.54No.8ptI,p.44No.12,p.84

Hamm, Al, Peter K. Funk Family TreeNo.12,p.105 (Book Review)

Hanover, R.M., Council Minutes 1880-1884:  No.13,p.112

Hanson, Georg:  No.10ptI,p.69

Harder, Bernard (b.1832):  No.13,p.129

Harder, Erdmann, Playwright:  No.11,p.30

Harder, Johann (b.1811):  No.12,p.34No.13,p.129

Harder, Leland D and Samuel W. Harder, The Blumstein Legacy: A Six Generation Family SagaNo.13,p.129 (Book Review)

Harms, Isaac F. (b.1859):  No.13,p.131

Harms, Peter & Cornelia (Warkentin):  No.10ptII,p.25

Harms, Peter D. (b.1889) & Maria (Friesen):  No.13,p.131

Head Covering, Women's (see also Burial Customs):  No.2,p.5No.12,p.10

Heinrich F. Wiebe Family Book 1852-1992, by Ted Wiebe:  No.5,p.15 (Book Review)

Heinrich Fast Reimer and Margaret Warkentin Family Book, by George R. Wiebe, et al.:  No.5,p.15 (Book Review)

Heinrichs, Wilhelm (b.1871) & Maria (Wiebe):  No.13,p.66

Heinrichs-Friesen-Thiessen, Anna, Pioneer Nursing in ParaguayNo.11,p.101 (Book Review)

Heritage Collections. 75 Years New Bothwell. Histories from New Bothwell and District, by New Bothwell History Book Committee:  No.5,p.15 (Book Review)

Heritage Tour of Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany 1995:  No.HT95,p.1 (special issue)

Heuboden, E.R.:  No.8ptI,p.20

Hiebert Heritage 1883-1993: Descendants of Jakob S. and Katharina Hiebert, by Regina H. Neufeld:  No.2,p.7 (Book Review)

Hiebert, Abram (b.1827) & Maria (Falk):  No.10ptII,p.14

Hiebert, Helena Penner (b.1874):  No.10ptII,p.7

Hiebert, Isbrand (contributor):  No.7,p.55

Hiebert, Jakob S. (b.1833):  (see also Hiebert, Katharina b.1855);  No.2,p.7No.7,p.42No.9ptII,p.50-51No.10ptI,p.55

Hiebert, Jeannie L (contributor):  No.9ptII,p.10

Hiebert, Johan K. and Susanna (Kehler):  No.10ptII,p.79

Hiebert, Katharina (b.1855):  (see also Hiebert, Jakob S.);  No.9ptII,p.50No.10ptII,p.14No.13,p.39

Hiebert, Maria (b.1842):  No.8ptII,p.61

Hiebert, Martha (contributor):  No.9ptI,p.15

Hiebert, Orlando (contributor):  No.1,p.3No.2,p.2No.3,p.9No.4,p.6No.6,p.19No.7,p.25,26No.8ptI,p.20No.10ptII,p.82

Hiebert, Peter (contributor):  No.9ptII,p.50

Hiebert, Susanna (b.1885):  No.10ptI,p.55

Hildebrand, Jerry, Training Servant Leaders: A History of Steinbach Bible College 1936-1996No.10ptII,p.84 (Book Review)

Hildebrand, Marjorie, The Oak Tree: The Story of the ancestors and descendants of Peter and Margaretha Wiebe 1797-1945No.8ptII,p.64 (Book Review)

Hildebrandt, Marjorie (contributor):  No.8ptII,p.32

History and Genealogy of John M. (1865-1965) and Margaretha (Rempel) (1872-1956) Classen, by Alma Regier, Esther Isaac Wiens, Lois Reimer, editors:  No.9ptII,p.69 (Book Review)

History of the Peter F. Rempel Family August 4, 1995, by Kevin Enns-Rempel:  No.7,p.55 (Book Review)

Hochfeld, E.R.:  No.4,p.4No.9ptII,p.25

Hochfeld: Ein Steppendorf im Buergerkrieg-Ukraine 1918-19, by Arnold Dyck:  No.13,p.132 (Book Review)

Holdeman Church:  No.9ptI,p.23No.10ptII,p.24-25

Holdeman movement to British Columbia:  No.8ptII,p.30

Home News, by Albert Barkman, editor:  No.12,p.109 (Book Review)

Home Remedies:  No.10ptII,p.53

Hospitals, Steinbach:  No.9ptII,p.65

Hotels, Steinbach:  No.5,p.12No.8ptII,p.19-20

House Fires:  No.9ptII,p.62

House of Funk, The: Abraham T. Funk (1875-1944) and Susanna D. Wiebe (1878-1967), by Ike and Sarah Friesen, Ernie and Elma Harder, Abe and Tina Funk and Abe and Eileen Klassen:  No.10ptII,p.81 (Book Review)

Houses:  No.1,p.1 (John D. Goossen)No.6,p.21 (P.B.Reimer)No.8ptII,p.54 (Abram M. Penner)No.9ptII,p.63 (Johann G. Loeppky)No.9ptII,p.65 (Cornelius P. Kroeker)No.10ptII,p.73 (Gerhard F. Giesbrecht)No.12,p.100 (J.R.Friesen)No.13,p.117 (Heinrich R. Reimer)

Hurricane Mitch:  No.13,p.51

I Remember Riverside and the Regions Beyond, by C.B.Loewen:  No.8ptII,p.62 (Book Review)

Immigration:  (see Emigration)

In Her Own Voice: Childbirth Stories from Mennonite Women, by Katherine Martens and Heidi Harms:  No.11,p.101 (Book Review)

In Search of Abraham Ens (1799- ); Abraham Ens (1826-1913); Abraham Ens (1861- 1935), by Edward Enns:  No.8ptII,p.64 (Book Review)

In Search of Unity. Story of the Conference of Mennonites in Manitoba, by Anna Ens:  No.9ptII,p.71 (Book Review)

Inheritance Rights (see also Waisenant):  No.10ptI,p.13,14No.12,p.101

Into the Past: Buildings of the Mennonite Commonwealth, by Rudy P. Friesen and Sergey Shmakin:  No.9ptII,p.68 (Book Review)

Inventors:  No.10ptI,p.73,79-80

Isaac, Abraham P. (b.1852) and Margaret (Loewen b.1855):  No.12,p.69,73

Isaac, Dietrich (b.1831) & Anna (Esau):  No.9ptI,p.31

Isaac, Herman and Frieda, Family Book of Jacob W. Isaac 1879-1964No.8ptII,p.63 (Book Review)

Isaac, Jacob F. and Maria (Dueck):  No.10ptII,p.48

Isaac, Jacob W. (b.1879):  No.8ptII,p.63

Isaac, Maria Dueck (b.1898):  No.10ptII,p.47

Jakob D.K. Plett Family, by Beverly Lynn Penner:  No.12,p.108 (Book Review)

Jakob L. Toews Family, by Maryanne Wiebe:  No.11,p.101 (Book Review)

Jansen, Helena (von Riesen) (b.1822):  No.10ptI,p.20

Jantzen, Velma Dyck, Minister Johann D. Dueck and Margaretha (Hiebert) DueckNo.6,p.30 (Book Review)

Janz, Tobias:  No.12,p.62

Janzen Cookbook and Memories, by Margaret Barkman, Al Fast, Lois Janzen, Lorna Penner, and Annie Plett:  No.7,p.55 (Book Review)

Janzen, Cornelius (b.1812) and Sara (Siemens):  No.7,p.55No.10ptII,p.18

Janzen, Johan S. (b.1840) & Margaretha (Penner):  No.7,p.55No.10ptII,p.18

Janzen, Reinhild Kauenhoven (contributor):  No.6,p.6No.12,p.87

Janzen, Reinhild Kauenhoven:  No.2,p.3

Janzen, Sara Siemens (b.1809):  No.10ptII,p.18

Janzen, Victor (contributor):  No.11,p.30

Janzen, Victor, Von Dnjepr zum Paraguay FlussNo.7,p.55 (Book Review)

Jerusalem, Beloved, by Di Brandt:  No.9ptII,p.72 (Book Review)

Johann S. Janzen Family Book 1840-1905, by Lorna Penner:  No.7,p.55 (Book Review)

Johann S. Rempel & Family 1830-1899, by Herman Rempel:  No.8ptII,p.63 (Book Review)

John Peters Family Tree 1863-1993, by Margaret Maier:  No.12,p.107 (Book Review)

Johnson, Helena Koop, Tapestry of Ancestral Footprints: Groenings Duecks Enns Koops Friesens KroekersNo.7,p.55 (Book Review)

Journals and Diaries:  No.4,p.3No.9ptI,p.6No.10ptI,p.11No.10ptII,p.1(Feature),7,33No.11,p.43,48,92No.12,p.1(Feature),57,96

Justice of the Peace:  No.9ptII,p.19

Kanadische Mennoniten Kolonisieren im MexicoNo.11,p.103 (Film Review)

Kasdorf, Katharina Enns (b.1901):  No.10ptII,p.64

Kashubians:  No.2,p.4

Kasper, Herman G. (contributor):  No.1,p.4

Kehler 1808-1997, by Randy Kehler:  No.11,p.102 (Book Review)

Kehler, Abraham (b.1855) and Maria (Stoesz):  No.10ptI,p.11,66

Kehler, Elisabeth Schultz (b.1866):  No.10ptII,p.28

Kehler, Gerhard K. (b.1861):  No.8ptI,p.41

Kehler, Glenn (contributor):  No.13,p.120

Kehler, Jacob (b.1848) and Susanna:  No.4,p.4

Kehler, Jacob K. "Berliner":  No.10ptII,p.28

Kehler, Peter (b.1836):  No.9ptII,p.30No.10ptI,p.13,66No.11,p.102

Kehler, Peter S. (b.1896) and Katharina (Blatz):  No.10ptI,p.68

Kehler, Randy (contributor):  No.7,p.38No.8ptII,p.52No.9ptI,p.17No.9ptII,p.30

Kehler, Randy, Kehler 1808-1997No.11,p.102 (Book Review)

Kehler/Kaehler Family Origins (Bergthaler):  No.10ptI,p.66

Kennedy, Charlotte Reimer (contributor):  No.9ptI,p.34

Kindergarten Pioneer:  No.8ptI,p.26

Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch? A Mennonite Low German Dictionary, by Herman Rempel:  No.8ptII,p.62 (Book Review)

Klaas B. Friesen Nov.18, 1838-July 15, 1922, by Evelyn Gerbrandt:  No.8ptII,p.64 (Book Review)

Klassen, Abraham (b.1859) & Katharina (Friesen):  No.13,p.42

Klassen, David (b.1813) & Aganetha (Brandt):  No.8ptI,p.51No.11,p.96

Klassen, David (contributor):  No.11,p.96

Klassen, Franz & Anna:  No.10ptII,p.16

Klassen, Harv (contributor):  No.11,p.96

Klassen, Jake (contributor):  No.9ptII,p.49

Klassen, Lori (contributor):  No.13,p.12

Klassen, Maria Stoesz (b.1823):  No.10ptI,p.11No.11,p.66

Klassen, Peter David (b.1900) and Helena (Bergen):  No.7,p.8

Kleefeld No.1, E.R:  (see also Ebenfeld);  No.11,p.65

Kleefeld, Manitoba:  (see Gruenfeld, E.R.)

Kleine Gemeinde Grave Sites of Blumenort, Manitoba and Area (East Reserve) 1875-1900, by Bernard P. Doerksen & Garth B.P. Doerksen:  No.4,p.8 (Book Review)

Kleine Gemeinde Heritage Tour 1998:  No.12,p.41,46

Kliewer, Elsie (contributor):  No.9ptI,p.18

Kliewer, Gerhard (b.1836), Reeve:  No.9ptI,p.18 (Family Reunion)No.9ptII,p.66No.11,p.92No.13,p.111

Klippenstein, Peter (b.1819) & Aganetha (Enns):  No.13,p.109

Klippenstein, Peter (b.1831):  No.13,p.114

Koop, Elizabeth (contributor):  No.13,p.71

Koop, Heinrich (b.1801) & Anna Friesen (b.1804):  No.7,p.55-56

Koop, Helena (contributor):  No.11,p.43

Koop, Jakob B. (b.1858):  No.9ptII,p.47No.11,p.43No.12,p.57

Koop, Johann B. (b.1863) & Sarah (Baerg):  No.13,p.71

Koop, Johann M. (b.1831) and Katharina (Barkman):  No.2,p.8No.10ptI,p.23No.10ptII,p.31,33No.11,p.43-46,47No.13,p.71

Koop, Johann N. (b.1887) and Aganetha (Siemens):  No.11,p.46

Koop, Katharina Barkman (b.1832):  (see also Koop, Johann (b.1831);  No.10ptII,p.31,33

Koop, Peter B (b.1870):  No.11,p.47

Koop, Peter S. (contributor):  No.11,p.47No.13,p.71

Kornelsen, Adina (contributor):  No.13,p.117

Kornelsen, Agnes Toews:  No.5,p.12

Kornelsen, Anna Doerksen Barkman (b.1854):  (see also Doerksen, Gerhard b.1825);  No.10ptII,p.1(Feature)

Kornelsen, Gerhard E. (b.1857):  No.8ptI,p.5No.10ptII,p.2,5

Kornelsen, Gerhard E. (reprinted) (contributor):  No.8ptI,p.5

Kornelsen, Gerhard G.:  No.12,p.79-80

Kornelsen, Gerhard S. (b.1816):  No.10ptII,p.25-26

Kornelsen, James (contributor):  No.10ptII,p.81No.12,p.108

Kornelsen, John, et al, editors, "Great is Thy Faithfulness": Fifty Years of Rest Haven 1946-1996No.9ptII,p.69 (Book Review)

Kornelsen, Mary and Kehler, Betty, Family Register of Abraham Cornelsen and Maria WiensNo.5,p.15 (Book Review)

Kornelsen, Sheryl Banman (contributor):  No.11,p.93

Kran, Anna Wiebe Loewen (b.1910):  No.12,p.74

Krentz, Art & Evelyn (contributor):  No.11,p.78

Krentz, Gotttlieb & Karoline:  No.11,p.78

Kreutzer, Heinrich:  No.8ptII,p.20

Kroeker, Cornelius P. (b.1862) and Katharina (Toews):  No.9ptII,p.47,65No.10ptI,p.77,81No.12,p.77

Kroeker, Elizabeth Dueck (b.1879):  No.8ptI,p.55No.10ptII,p.54

Kroeker, Franz M. (b.1827) & Margaretha (Plett):  No.8ptII,p.60No.10ptI,p.76,83No.12,p.77

Kroeker, Harvey (contributor):  No.6,p.17,23No.8ptI,p.55No.9ptI,p.19No.10ptII,p.54

Kroeker, Irene Enns (contributor):  No.1,p.6No.2,p.1,2,3,7No.4,p.1,3,4No.5,p.13No.7,p.10,55,56No.8ptI,p.32,33No.8ptII,p.40

Kroeker, Jakob (b.1904) & Anna (Wiebe):  No.13,p.12

Kronsgart, E.R.:  No.10ptII,p.40No.11,p.83

Laing, Ed & Alice (contributor):  No.10ptII,p.11No.11,p.79No.13,p.86

Laing, Rachel Mack (b.1852):  No.10ptII,p.11

Landing Site (Niverville):  No.3,p.1-3No.5,p.8No.7,p.25No.10ptI,p.36No.11,p.27

Landmark, Manitoba:  No.8ptII,p.54

Lawyers of Mennonite Background In Western Canada Before the Second World War: Two Cultures in Conflict, by Harold J. Dick:  No.1,p.3 (Book Review)

Lawyers:  No.13,p.80

Leaders of the Mennonite Kleine Gemeinde in Russia, 1812-1874, by Delbert F. Plett:  No.3,p.4 (Book Review)

Leppky, Susan (contributor):  No.9ptII,p.63

Letkemann, Peter (contributor):  No.13,p.10

Letters:  (see also Funeral Letters);  No.7,p.29 (Jakob L. Dueck)No.7,p.38 (Rev. Heinrich Doerksen)No.9ptI,p.47 (Cornelius B. Loewen)No.9ptII,p.53 (C.S. Plett)No.10ptII,p.16 (Anna Klassen Goossen)No.10ptII,p.18 (Sara Siemens Janzen)No.10ptII,p.20 (Aganetha Thiessen Giesbrecht)No.13,p.80 (Ernest Ralph Goossen)No.13,p.107 (Joh. F. Reimer)

Loepp, Cornelius (b.1793):  No.9ptII,p.37

Loeppky Reunion:  No.7,p.20

Loeppky, Abram:  No.7,p.41

Loeppky, Johann (b.1804) & Eva (Glockman):  No.7,p.4No.8ptII,p.52No.11,p.51

Loeppky, Johann G. (b.1831) and Susanna (Toews):  No.7,p.5,20,35No.9ptII,p.63

Loeppky, Otto (contributor):  No.7,p.35

Loewen, C. Wilbert (contributor):  No.3,p.2

Loewen, C.B., I Remember Riverside and the Regions BeyondNo.8ptII,p.62 (Book Review)

Loewen, Cornelius B. (Rosenort):  No.8ptII,p.62

Loewen, Cornelius Bartel & Anna (Toews):  No.9ptI,p.46

Loewen, Cornelius D & Maria (Loewen):  No.12,p.108

Loewen, Cornelius W. (b.1827) & Helena (Bartel):  No.6,p.31

Loewen, Grant, Brick Looking UpNo.1,p.3 (Book Review)

Loewen, Harry (contributor):  No.12,p.74

Loewen, Harry, Dr. (contributor):  No.9ptII,p.70

Loewen, Harry, Steven Nolt with Carol Duerksen, and Elwood Yoder, Through Fire and Water: An Overview of Mennonite HistoryNo.10ptII,p.81 (Book Review)

Loewen, Isaac (b.1787):  No.12,p.96

Loewen, Jacob Elias (b.1776):  No.10ptII,p.43

Loewen, Johann J & Helena (nee Friesen):  No.12,p.74

Loewen, Mary Ann (contributor):  No.6,p.31No.8ptII,p.60No.10ptII,p.55

Loewen, Melvin J., The Descendants of Cornelius W. Loewen (1827-1893)No.6,p.31 (Book Review)

Loewen, Melvin J., The Descendants of Klaas I. Friesen (1868-1927) and Katharina Penner (1871-1952)No.11,p.100 (Book Review)

Loewen, Myron P. et al, Quellen KolonieNo.13,p.135 (Book Review)

Loewen, Peter (b.1825) & Susanna (Enns):  No.10ptII,p.54No.12,p.73

Loewen, Robert (contributor):  No.3,p.4No.8ptII,p.64No.10ptI,p.55

Loewen, Royden (contributor):  No.3,p.2No.7,p.2No.9ptII,p.29No.12,p.1(Feature)No.13,p.68

Loewen, Royden, Family Church and MarketNo.2,p.6 (Book Review)

Low German Language:  No.8ptII,p.62No.9ptI,p.16No.11,p.102

Lutheran Church:  No.11,p.78

M.M. Penner Genealogy: A Genealogy and Address Book, by Gary Penner and Irene McDonald:  No.6,p.30 (Book Review)

Machno, Batyko:  No.8ptII,p.5No.11,p.41

Mack, David & Rachel (Hamilton):  No.10ptII,p.11

Maier, Margaret, John Peters Family Tree 1863-1993No.12,p.107 (Book Review)

Maps (as Print Culture):  No.8ptI,p.59

Maps:  No.6,p.3 (Chortitz, E.R.)No.7,p.4 (Strassburg/Schanzenberg, E.R.)No.8ptI,p.59 (Chortitza Colony, Russia)No.8ptII,p.4 (Nikopol Zaporizhya)No.8ptII,p.16 (Steinbach, Manitoba)No.8ptII,p.26 (Friesland)No.9ptI,p.57 (Steinbach, MB)No.9ptII,p.2 (Friedensfeld, Russia)No.9ptII,p.54 (Blumenort, E.R. area)No.9ptII,p.57 (Polish Road Map)No.11,p.2 (Mennonite Colonies in Russia and Bergthal Colony)No.11,p.25 (Mennonite Colonies in Cuauhtemoc, Mexico)No.11,p.79 (Clearsprings)No.12,p.45 (Road Map of Borosenko, Ukraine)No.12,p.63 (Grunthal)No.12,p.89 (Mennonite Settlements in Central & Eastern Europe,16th to 19th c.)No.13,p.88 (Nikolaithal, Gruschewka, Russia)

Martens Katherine and Heidi Harms, In Her Own Voice: Childbirth Stories from Mennonite WomenNo.11,p.101 (Book Review)

Martens, Abram P. (b.1875):  No.8ptII,p.27

Martyrs:  No.3,p.4

Massacre (Russia):  No.8ptII,p.5No.11,p.41No.12,p.41-43,48

Material Culture:  (see also Print Culture);  No.1,p.2 (intro)No.2,p.1 (Bible)No.2,p.3,p.5 (Head Covering)No.6,p.6 (Dowry Chest)No.6,p.24 (Watch)No.6,p.26 (Bible)No.7,p.46 (Cane)No.7,p.48 (Bible)No.8ptII,p.58 (Desk)No.8ptII,p.60(Table),p.60(Clock),p.61(Needlework Sampler)No.9ptI,p.7 (Picture)No.9ptII,p.66(Serman Book),p.67(Safe)No.10ptI,p.5No.10ptII,p.71,72,77 (Chests/Trunk)No.11,p.93,95,96(Chests), 97(Book)No.12,p.37 (Wood Engraving)No.12,p.87-92 (Mennonite Furniture)No.12,p.92,95 (Chests)No.12,p.96,98 (Dishes)No.13,p.104 (Sketches)No.13,p.120 (Chest & Crib)

Medical Services (see also Midwives and Nursing Homes):  No.8ptI,p.52No.9ptI,p.63No.9ptII,p.35,53,69No.10ptI,p.5,13No.10ptII,p.14-16,38-40No.11,p.100,101

Memories from my Life: Heinrich J. Friesen, by H.Irwin Friesen and Rudy Friesen:  No.8ptII,p.63 (Book Review)

Memories of Grigorievka, by Ted Friesen and Elizabeth Peters, editors:  No.13,p.132 (Book Review)

Memrik, A Mennonite Settlement in Russia, by Heinrich Goerz:  No.12,p.109 (Book Review)

Memrik:  No.12,p.109

Menno Simons: Places, Portraits and Progeny, by Piet Visser and Mary S. Sprunger:  No.10ptII,p.83 (Book Review)

Mennonite Historical Atlas: Second Edition Revised and Expanded, by William Schroeder and Helmut Huebert:  No.10ptII,p.82 (Book Review)

Mennonite Literary Voices: Past and Present, by Al Reimer:  No.12,p.110 (Book Review)

Mennonite Stories of Faith and Survival in Stalinst Russia, by John B. Toews:  No.13,p.126 (Book Review)

Mennonites in Canada 1939-1970: A People Transformed, Volume 3 of Mennonites in Canada, by T.D. Regehr:  No.9ptII,p.70 (Book Review)

Mennonites in Mexico/Mennoniten in Mexiko: Original Mennonite folk art, by Sarah Unger de Peters:  No.10ptII,p.83 (Book Review)

Mennonites of Manitoba, TheNo.13,p.136 (Film Review)

Mexico, Mennonites in:  No.11,p.22-27No.13,p.50,56,135

Midwives:  No.6,p.23 (Agatha Barkman Reimer)No.9ptII,p.41 (Agatha Barkman Reimer)No.7,p.2 (Elizabeth Rempel Reimer)No.8ptI,p.51 (Helena Klassen Eidse)No.9ptII,p.53 (Helena Klassen Eidse)No.9ptII,p.51No.10ptII,p.14(Katharina Hiebert)No.10ptI,p.6 (Justina Loewen Bergen)No.10ptII,p.50 (Anna Toews)No.11,p.101 (book review)No.13,p.87 (Mary Borland)

Migration North: Mennonites from Mexico:  No.8ptII,p.64 (Film Review)

Military, Mennonites in (see also Navy):  No.11,p.12,20No.13,p.49

Mills, Steinbach:  No.9ptI,p.42-43

Millwrights:  No.9ptI,p.41,42No.9ptII,p.48

Minister Johann D. Dueck and Margaretha (Hiebert) Dueck Family Book 1856-1993, by Velma Dyck Jantzen:  No.6,p.30 (Book Review)

Missouri Germans:  No.9ptI,p.16

Mooney, William (b.1830) & Francis (Acres):  No.13,p.86

Moravians:  No.3,p.8No.5,p.10No.7,p.22

Names (History or Origin of):  No.1,p.3No.5,p.5No.6,p.22No.8ptI,p.59No.8ptII,p.2,3No.9ptI,p.14,38No.9ptII,p.53No.11,p.79-80No.12,p.25,43

Navy, Mennonites in (see also Military):  No.13,p.81

Nazi Sympathizers, Mennonites accused of being:  No.9ptII,p.23

Needles, B.C.:  No.8ptII,p.30,31No.10ptII,p.51

Needlework:  No.8ptII,p.61

Neuanlage, E.R.:  No.2,p.8No.10ptII,p.31,33No.11,p.43-46,47No.13,p.71

Neudorf, Johann (b.1812):  No.4,p.9

Neuendorf, Chortitza Colony, Ukraine:  No.12,p.33

Neufeld, Anna Siemens (b.1893):  No.10ptII,p.61

Neufeld, Elfrieda (contributor):  No.8ptI,p.26No.9ptII,p.28

Neufeld, Ernest, Ernestly! Happy YesterdaysNo.7,p.53 (Book Review)

Neufeld, John E. (contributor):  No.6,p.32No.7,p.53

Neufeld, Justina Loewen Bergen (b.1828):  (see Bergen, Justina Loewen)

Neufeld, Nettie (contributor):  No.9ptII,p.66No.10ptII,p.38No.11,p.92

Neufeld, Peter (b.1821):  No.11,p.5,64

Neufeld, Regina Doerksen (contributor):  No.10ptII,p.14No.11,p.73

Neufeld, Regina H., Hiebert Heritage 1883-1993No.2,p.7 (Book Review)

Neufeldt, Colin (contributor):  No.13,p.6

Neufeldt, Jacob (b.1818) & Katarina (Dyck):  No.13,p.98

New Bothwell History Book Committee, Heritage Collections. 75 Years New Bothwell. Histories from New Bothwell and DistrictNo.5,p.15 (Book Review)

Newspapers:  (see Steinbach Post)

Nickel, Johann (b.1827) and Margareta (Fehr):  No.11,p.45

Nikolaital (Gruschewka), Russia:  No.13,p.87

Niverville Area Cemeteries:  No.13,p.122

Nursing Home for the Aged, Steinbach:  No.9ptII,p.65

Nursing Home, Rest Haven:  No.9ptII,p.69

Oak Tree, The: The story of the ancestors and descendants of Wiebe 1797-1945, by Peter and Margaretha Marjorie Hildebrand:  No.8ptII,p.64 (Book Review)

Ontario Mennonites Meet Immigrants, 1874:  No.12,p.57

Orphans from England adopted by Mennonites:  No.11,p.1,6

Osterwick, E.R.:  No.8ptI,p.36No.12,p.102

Ozarks-Hanover Connection:  No.9ptI,p.16

Palestine, Mennonites/Templars in:  No.11,p.39

Paraguay:  (see also Emigration);  No.13,p.53

Passenger Lists:  No.3,p.5

Passports:  No.13,p.111

Pauls, Peter (contributor):  No.13,p.133

Pauls, Peter, Bethesda first 50 yearsNo.9ptII,p.69 (Book Review)

Penner Family History Committee, Three Hundred Years: Peter Penner (1850-1924) and Margaretha Wiebe (1854-1945): From Danzig and Elbing Prussia to Chortitza and Bergthal Russia to Rudernweide ManitobaNo.10ptII,p.81 (Book Review)

Penner, Abram (b.1859) and Maria (Heinrichs):  No.10ptII,p.80No.11,p.83

Penner, Abram M.:  No.8ptII,p.54

Penner, Anna, Mrs. Ben D. (nee Giesbrecht) (contributor):  No.10ptII,p.73

Penner, Beverly Lynn (contributor):  No.13,p.131

Penner, Beverly Lynn, The Jakob D.K. Plett Family 1926-1998No.12,p.108 (Book Review)

Penner, Daisy Isaac (contributor):  No.12,p.73

Penner, Doris (contributor):  No.1,p.2No.3,p.3,5No.8ptII,p.58

Penner, Erdman (b.1837):  No.10ptII,p.7-10

Penner, Gary and McDonald, Irene, M.M. Penner Genealogy: A Genealogy and Address BookNo.6,p.30 (Book Review)

Penner, Heinrich (b.1810):  No.6,p.26

Penner, Jack, MLA (contributor):  No.11,p.31

Penner, Jacob "Communist" (b.1890):  No.8ptII,p.35

Penner, Jake, Those were the days: Jake Penner StoriesNo.7,p.54 (Book Review)

Penner, Jake:  No.7,p.54

Penner, John G. (contributor):  No.11,p.85

Penner, John I. (b.1893):  No.9ptII,p.71-72

Penner, Klaas F. (b.1875) & Maria (Reimer):  No.13,p.128

Penner, Lloyd (contributor):  No.9ptI,p.50

Penner, Lorna, Johann S. Janzen Family Book 1840-1905No.7,p.55 (Book Review)

Penner, Martin M.:  No.6,p.30

Penner, Martin, Rev. (b.1849):  No.11,p.85

Penner, Peter (b.1770):  No.9ptI,p.26

Penner, Peter (b.1792):  No.6,p.19

Penner, Peter (b.1816):  No.3,p.6No.13,p.128

Penner, Peter (b.1829) & Helena (Dueck):  No.8ptII,p.33No.9ptI,p.26

Penner, Peter (b.1850) and Margaretha (Wiebe):  No.10ptII,p.81

Penner, Peter D. (b.1854) & Margaretha (Unger):  No.8ptII,p.34No.9ptI,p.26

Penner, Peter Harms & Helen:  No.10ptII,p.55

Penner, Peter P. (b.1875) & (Margaretha Dueck):  No.13,p.127

Penner, Peter, Rev. (b.1799):  No.9ptI,p.26

Penner, Robert and Dawn, Family Tree of John I. Penner 1893-1973No.9ptII,p.71 (Book Review)

Penner, Roger and Dawn (contributor):  No.12,p.69

Penner, Stella, Peter P. Penner Family Reunion July 23, 1987No.13,p.127 (Book Review)

Penner, Wilmer (contributor):  No.3,p.10No.6,p.22No.8ptI,p.35No.8ptII,p.62No.9ptI,p.16No.9ptII,p.72No.10ptII,p.82No.11,p.30,102No.12,p.38No.13,p.58

Persecution of Mennonites:  No.13,p.1(Feature)

Peter (Reimer) & Maria Froese, by Margaret Froese, Susan Drysdale, Cathy Elchuk:  No.12,p.106 (Book Review)

Peter Friesen and Maria Rempel Descendants 1828-1994, by Abe Friesen, editor:  No.13,p.130 (Book Review)

Peter K. Funk Family Tree, by Al Hamm:  No.12,p.105 (Book Review)

Peter P. Penner Family Reunion, compiled by Stella Penner:  No.13,p.127 (Book Review)

Peter R. Toews 1872-1953, by Ernest P.Toews:  No.13,p.130 (Book Review)

Peters, Erdmann D. (contributor):  No.13,p.74

Peters, Harry P. (contributor):  No.13,p.74

Peters, Helena Unger (contributor):  No.6,p.9

Peters, Isaac (b.1826):  No.10ptI,p.69

Peters, Jacob L. (Dr.) (contributor):  No.7,p.4

Peters, Jakob (Oberschulze):  (see also Cemeteries Vollwerk; Ebenfeld);  No.11,p.3,5,69No.12,p.107No.13,p.74

Peters, Jakob B. (b.1869) and Anna (Harder):  No.11,p.69

Peters, Jakob F. (b.1845) and Maria (Buhr):  No.11,p.69No.13,p.74

Peters, Jakob W. (b.1869) & Helena (Doerksen):  No.13,p.74

Peters, John (b.1863) and Katharina (Falk):  No.11,p.5No.12,p.107

Peters, John H. (contributor):  No.8ptII,p.27No.9ptII,p.71No.13,p.136

Peters, Karen S. (contributor):  No.12,p.36No.13,p.44

Peters, Maria Wiebe (b.1870):  No.8ptI,p.42

Peters, Sarah Unger de, Mennonites in Mexico/Mennoniten in Mexiko: Original folk artNo.10ptII,p.83 (Book Review)

Peters, Victor (b.1915):  No.13,p.58

Photography and Photographers:  No.7,p.41 (Johann E. Funk)No.7,p.50 (Jakob D. Barkman)No.8ptII,p.21 (Peter T. Friesen)No.9ptI,p.18 (Jakob D. Barkman)No.9ptII,p.44 (Jakob D. Barkman)No.12,p.62 (Tobias Janz)

Pictorial History of the Thiessen and Friesen Families 1752-1992: Part One: The Family of Johann W. Thiessen & Anna Friesen (First marriage); Part Two: The Family of Johann W. Thiessen and Katharina Friesen (Second Marriage), by Mildred Ediger:  No.6,p.30 (Book Review)

Pioneer Nursing In Paraguay, by Anna Heinrichs-FriesenThiessen:  No.11,p.101 (Book Review)

Places of Grace, by David H. Elias:  No.13,p.134 (Book Review)

Playwrights:  No.11,p.30

Plett, Cornelius L. (b.1846):  No.13,p.107

Plett, Cornelius S. (b.1820):  No.9ptI,p.14No.9ptII,p.53No.10ptI,p.11,23,78No.10ptII,p.33No.12,p.96,98

Plett, Delbert (contributor):  No.2,p.4,5,6,8No.3,p.6,7No.4,p.5,10,11No.5,p.8,15No.6,p.1,22,24,31No.7,p.1,16,46,50,53No.8ptI,p.1-9,32,40,48,49No.8ptII,p.1-7,22,55,64No.9ptI,p.1(Feature),25,26,41,48No.9ptII,p.1(Feature),44,48,69,72No.10ptI,p.1(Feature),28,58,69,78No.10ptII,p.16,18,19,31,33,67,77No.11,p.1(Feature),20,22,48,97,100,101,103No.12,p.12,30,54,65,67,92,95,96,105-107,114No.13,p.1,42,43,49,51,57,102,104,109,111,114,128-130,136

Plett, Delbert F., Leaders of the Mennonite Kleine Gemeinde in Russia 1812-1874No.3,p.4 (Book Review)

Plett, Delbert, Sarah's PrairieNo.7,p.56No.9ptII,p.70No.12,p.112 (Book Review)

Plett, Elisabeth (Reimer, b.1870):  No.10ptI,p.14,22

Plett, Elizabeth Esau (b.1893):  No.10ptI,p.58

Plett, Elma Peters (contributor):  No.8ptI,p.16No.11,p.69

Plett, Esther Smit (b.1778):  No.10ptI,p.22

Plett, Harvey G. (contributor):  No.10ptI,p.58No.10ptII,p.83

Plett, Harvey, Seeking to be Faithful: The Story of the Evangelical Mennonite ConferenceNo.9ptII,p.68 (Book Review)

Plett, Heinrich E. (b.1870):  No.13,p.60

Plett, Hulda (contributor):  No.13,p.117

Plett, Isaac B.:  No.10ptI,p.73,79

Plett, Jacob D.K. (b.1926):  No.12,p.108

Plett, Jacob J.K. and Helena (Reimer):  No.10ptII,p.34

Plett, Jacob L. (see also Plett, Cornelius.S. and Plett, Maria Koop):  No.10ptII,p.33

Plett, Johann (b.1765):  No.8ptII,p.60No.10ptI,p.22

Plett, Leslie (contributor):  No.12,p.98

Plett, Maria Brandt (b.1843):  No.10ptI,p.78

Plett, Maria Koop (b.1868):  No.10ptII,p.33No.11,p.48

Plett, Marian and Les, Family Register of Peter F. Plett 1884-1990No.11,p.101 (Book Review)

Plett, Norman (contributor):  No.7,p.55

Plett, Peter F. (b.1884) and Sara (Koop):  No.11,p.101

Plett, Peter P. (contributor):  No.11,p.19

Plett, Sarah Loewen (b.1822):  (see also Plett, Cornelius S.);  No.12,p.96,98

Poetry:  No.13,p.102

Prairie Pioneer: The Writings of John W. Dueck, by Levi Dueck:  No.7,p.53 (Book Review)

Prairie Rose, Manitoba:  No.8ptII,p.58No.10ptI,p.59

Prefontaine Road (Albert):  No.5,p.5

Pries Family Tree, Descendants of Jakob Pries Feb. 14, 1840 and Elisabeth Esau May 22, 1844, by Stephen Brandt:  No.12,p.107 (Book Review)

Pries, Jakob (b.1840) and Elisabeth (Esau):  No.12,p.107

Print Culture: Arithmetic (Rechen Buch):  No.6,p.28No.8ptI,p.10

Print Culture: Fraktur Art:  No.5,p.13No.7,p.47No.8ptII,p.56No.10ptII,p.67No.12,p.104No.13,p.114-115

Print Culture: Map:  No.8ptI,p.59

Print Culture: New Years Wish:  No.2,p.8No.12,p.104

Print Culture: Valentine:  No.4,p.11

Printers and Publishers:  No.2,p.7No.9ptI,p.63No.9ptII,p.11No.12,p.58No.13,p.89

Property Rights:  No.10ptI,p.8

Protocol, Writing:  No.7,p.24

Prussian Roots (see also Gdansk):  No.9ptII,p.57

Quellen Kolonie, Mexico:  No.13,p.135

Quellen Kolonie, compiled by Myron P. Loewen, Arden M. Dueck, Leslie L. Plett, and Eddy K. Plett:  No.13,p.135 (Book Review)

Records & Documents (see also Journals and Diaries):  No.3,p.6 (Peter J. Braun Archives)No.4,p.10No.8ptI,p.32,58No.8ptII,p.39,40No.13,p.57 (Bergthal Census)

Redenzel, Maria Friesen (b.1844):  No.8ptI,p.9

Reeves, R.M. of Hanover:  No.11,p.92No.13,p.111

Reflections of Siamese Twins, by John Raulston Saul:  No.13,p.130 (Book Review)

Refugees, Mennonite (after W.W.II):  No.13,p.47

Regehr, Clifford S. (contributor):  No.11,p.54

Regehr, Jacob E. (b.1885) & Elizabeth (Hiebert):  No.11,p.54

Regehr, T.D., Mennonites in Canada 1939-1970: A People TransformedNo.9ptII,p.70 (Book Review)

Regier, Alma, Esther Isaac Wiens, Lois Reimer, editors, History and Genealogy of John M. (1865-1965) and Margaretha (Rempel) (1872-1956) ClassenNo.9ptII,p.69 (Book Review)

Reid, Sheila (contributor):  No.9ptII,p.70No.10ptII,p.81

Reimer, Abraham P. (b.1862) & Anna (Brandt):  No.9ptI,p.53,67No.12,p.83

Reimer, Abram F. ("Lazy) (b.1808) (see also Reimer, Elizabeth Rempel):  No.8ptII,p.12No.9ptI,p.5No.9ptII,p.39No.10ptI,p.11No.13,p.104

Reimer, Aganetha Barkman (b.1863) (see also Reimer, Johann R.):  No.6,p.23No.9ptII,p.41

Reimer, Al, Dr. (contributor):  No.9ptII,p.39No.10ptII,p.28No.13,p.89,132

Reimer, Al, Mennonite Literary Voices: Past and PresentNo.12,p.110 (Book Review)

Reimer, Amanda (contributor):  No.6,p.21

Reimer, Cornelius R., Rev. (b.1902):  No.12,p.93,107

Reimer, Dennis Joe, Major-General:  No.11,p.20

Reimer, Doug (contributor):  No.12,p.113No.13,p.135

Reimer, Elizabeth Rempel (b.1814) (see also Reimer, Abram F.):  No.7,p.2No.8ptI,p.45No.9ptI,p.5No.10ptI,p.4,13

Reimer, Franz K. (b.1903):  No.9ptI,p.9No.11,p.12

Reimer, Heinrich (b.1791):  No.10ptII,p.43

Reimer, Heinrich Fast (b.1818) and Margaret (Warkentin):  No.5,p.15

Reimer, Heinrich R. (b.1876) & Helena (Dueck):  No.8ptII,p.58No.13,p.117

Reimer, Heinrich W. (b.1864) and Anna (Wiebe):  No.7,p.44No.8ptII,p.48No.9ptI,p.58No.9ptII,p.48No.10ptI,p.1,37No.13,p.65

Reimer, Helena Loewen Dueck (b.1806):  No.10ptII,p.43

Reimer, Helena Wiebe Fast Schellenberg (b.1875):  No.10ptI,p.49

Reimer, Jakob W. (b.1877) and Susanna (Wiebe):  No.9ptI,p.4

Reimer, Johann F. (b.1860) & Elisabeth R. Reimer (b.1867):  No.7,p.46No.12,p.94No.13,p.104

Reimer, Johann R. (b.1848) (see also Reimer, Aganetha Barkman):  No.8ptII,p.20No.9ptII,p.39

Reimer, Johann W. and Maria (Barkman):  No.9ptII,p.9

Reimer, John K., Cornelius R. Reimer (1902-1959)No.12,p.107 (Book Review)

Reimer, Klaas (b.1770):  No.7,p.46No.12,p.92,95No.13,p.58

Reimer, Klaas F. (b.1812):  No.13,p.104

Reimer, Klaas J.B. (b.1897):  No.9ptI,p.11

Reimer, Klaas R. (b.1837):  No.9ptI,p.7,56,58No.9ptII,p.62

Reimer, Maria (Plett, b.1850):  No.10ptI,p.11No.12,p.95

Reimer, Maria P. (Mrs. Peter D.) (contributor):  No.8ptI,p.54

Reimer, Peter (b.1833):  No.11,p.20

Reimer, Peter B. ( 1885):  No.6,p.21No.9ptI,p.34,62

Reimer, Peter K (contributor):  No.9ptI,p.53

Reimer, Peter R. (b.1870) and Helena (Wiebe):  No.10ptI,p.50,81

Reimer, Peter R., Rev. (b.1845):  No.10ptI,p.69No.12,p.95

Reimer, Susanna Loewen Dueck (b.1852):  No.10ptII,p.54

Reinlaender Gemeindebuch, edited by John Dyck and William Harms:  No.6,p.32 (Book Review)

Reinland, E.R.:  No.8ptII,p.52

Reise-Tagebuch. Mennonitische Chaco-Expedition 1921, by Bernard Toews:  No.13,p.133 (Book Review)

Rempel Family Origins (Kleine Gemeinde):  No.8ptI,p.45

Rempel, Abraham (b.1798):  No.8ptI,p.46

Rempel, Bernard (Ben) (contributor):  No.11,p.88

Rempel, Cornie, Rev. (contributor):  No.7,p.31No.8ptII,p.37,63

Rempel, Heinrich (b.1855):  No.8ptI,p.46No.9ptII,p.45

Rempel, Herman (contributor):  No.8ptI,p.47

Rempel, Herman, Johann S. Rempel & Family 1830-1899No.8ptII,p.63 (Book Review)

Rempel, Herman, Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch? A Mennonite Low German DictionaryNo.8ptII,p.62 (Book Review)

Rempel, Jakob (b.1852):  No.11,p.88

Rempel, Jakob S. (b.1890) and Elisabeth (Barkman):  No.9ptII,p.44

Rempel, Johann (b.1772):  No.8ptI,p.47

Rempel, Johann (b.1830) and Margaretha (Sawatzky):  No.8ptI,p.47No.8ptII,p.63

Rempel, Johann S (b.1853):  No.7,p.30,31No.8ptI,p.43,48No.12,p.55

Rempel, Margaret Thiessen (contributor):  No.10ptII,p.56

Rempel, Peter (b.1792):  No.8ptI,p.45

Rempel, Peter (b.1807):  No.8ptI,p.47

Rempel, Peter F.:  No.7,p.55-56No.9ptII,p.69

Rempel, Peter et al, 75 Jahre Mennoniten in Mexico: 1922-1997No.11,p.103 (Book Review)

Researching Pioneer Families:  No.8ptII,p.39

Rieger, Eva Berger (b.1883):  No.10ptI,p.58,61

Rieger, Henry (contributor):  No.10ptI,p.61

Rieger, Magdalena (b.1870) (Mrs. Sobering):  No.10ptII,p.44

Rieger, Sebastian:  No.10ptI,p.62No.10ptII,p.44

Riesen, Abraham von (b.1756), & Margaretha (Wiebe) (b.1754):  No.10ptI,p.19

Riesen, Helena von:  No.10ptII,p.72

Riesen, Jakob von (b.1836):  No.11,p.39

Road Construction:  No.8ptI,p.41

Rosanna of the Amish, by John W. Yoder:  No.12,p.111-113 (Book Review)

Rosenby, Helen Neufeld (contributor):  No.10ptII,p.61

Rosenfeld, E.R.:  No.9ptI,p.30,38-39

Rosengard, E.R.:  No.9ptII,p.24No.13,p.98,101

Rosenhoff, Scratching River:  No.8ptI,p.52

Russian Mennonite Literature:  No.12,p.110

Safes:  No.9ptII,p.67

Sarah's Prairie, by Delbert Plett:  No.7,p.56No.9ptII,p.70No.12,p.112 (Book Review)

Sawatzky Family Origins (Bergthaler):  No.9ptII,p.14

Sawatzky, Cornelius, Governor (Paraguay):  No.11,p.18

Sawatzky, Johann W., Minister (b.1872):  No.10ptII,p.40No.11,p.83

Sawatzky, Peter (b.1760):  No.9ptII,p.14

Sawatzky, Peter F. (b.1862):  No.8ptI,p.41No.11,p.18

Sawatzky, Ruth Kasdorf (contributor):  No.10ptII,p.64

Schanzenberg, E.R.:  No.7,p.4No.9ptII,p.50No.13,p.122

Schapansky, Henry (contributor):  No.6,p.25No.7,p.34No.8ptI,p.45,47No.9ptI,p.21No.9ptII,p.14No.10ptI,p.66No.11,p.33,75No.13,p.60

Scharfenberg, Lorilee G (contributor):  No.8ptI,p.51No.9ptI,p.30,32No.9ptII,p.53

Schellenberg 1634-1995 Descendants, by Benjamin Dueck:  No.7,p.54 (Book Review)

Schellenberg, Abraham Reimer (b.1839) and Margaretha (Esau):  No.7,p.54

Schellenberg, Dave (contributor):  No.3,p.1No.9ptII,p.69No.12,p.109

Schellenberg, David K. (contributor):  No.7,p.54;  No.9ptI, 37

Schellenberg, Gerhard K. (b.1827) & Elizabeth (Warkentin):  No.9ptI,p.37No.10ptII,p.67

Schellenberg, Gerhard R. (b.1885) and Helena (Wiebe):  No.10ptI,p.49No.13,p.65

Schellenberg, Gerhard W. (b.1858) and Anna (Regehr):  No.10ptII,p.70

Schellenberg, Paul (b.1634):  No.7,p.54

Schoenfeld, E.R.:  No.6,p.29No.8ptI,p.30No.9ptI,p.17No.9ptII,p.24

Schoenhorst, E.R.:  No.12,p.61

Schoensee, E.R.:  No.11,p.81

Schoenthal, E.R.:  No.7,p.38No.11,p.73

Schoenwiese, E.R.:  No.7,p.41

School Teachers:  No.8ptI,p.4,5,9,10,12,16,26No.9ptI,p.25No.10ptII,p.26No.12,p.71

Schools:  (see also Education);  No.1,p.2No.5,p.5No.8ptI,p.1(Feature)No.9ptI,p.4,56No.11,p.4 (Bergthal, Russia)No.13,p.116 (Bergthal, Russia)

Schroeder, Gerhard (b.1848):  No.6,p.26No.7,p.48

Schroeder, Johann (Rev.):  No.4,p.3

Schroeder, Johann (b.1807):  No.8ptII,p.44

Schroeder, William (contributor):  No.8ptII,p.24,44No.9ptII,p.68

Schroeder, William and Helmut Huebert, Mennonite Historical Atlas: Second Edition Revised and ExpandedNo.10ptII,p.82 (Book Review)

Schultz, David (b.1806):  No.9ptII,p.25

Science Fiction Writers:  No.10ptII,p.66

Seaton:  (see Heuboden)

Secretaries, Municipal:  No.13,p.109

Seeking to be Faithful: The Story of the Evangelical Mennonite Conference, by Harvey Plett:  No.9ptII,p.68 (Book Review)

Separatist-Pietism:  No.12,p.12

Ships:  (see also passenger lists) S.S. "Ontario" No.3,p.5No.8ptI,p.43-44

Siemens, Anna Z., Genealogy and History of the J.R. Friesen Family 1872-1990No.7,p.55 (Book Review)

Siemens, Claasz (b.1758) & Katharina (Friesen) (b.1768):  No.10ptI,p.21No.10ptII,p.18No.11,p.20

Siemens, Johann D. (b.1871) & Katharina (Penner):  No.9ptII,p.24No.13,p.103

Siemens, Julius & Katherine:  No.10ptII,p.61

Siemens, Kornelius (b.1819):  No.9ptII,p.24

Siemens, Peter H. (b.1869) & Susanna (Warkentin) (b.1869):  No.10ptI,p.26

Silberfeld, E.R.:  No.2,p.6

Silence Echoes: Memoirs of Trauma and Tears, by Sarah Dyck:  No.13,p.127 (Book Review)

Simons, Menno:  No.8ptII,p.24No.10ptII,p.83No.11,p.97

Sketches:  No.13,p.104

Sobering, Heinrich (b.1863):  No.10ptII,p.44

Sources for Research:  (see Records & Documents)

Soviet Inferno:  No.13,p.1(Feature),126-127

Spanish Lookout:  (see Belize)

Spelling of Low German & Plautdietsch, The, by Reuben Epp:  No.11,p.102 (Book Review)

Steen, Hans von (b.1705):  No.13,p.102

Steinbach 1946-1996: So Much to Celebrate, by Ernie P. Toews, Ernest A.Friesen, Wendi Friesen, Margaret Magnusson and Doris Penner:  No.11,p.100 (Book Review)

Steinbach Post (also Giroux Volks Bote):  No.2,p.7No.9ptII,p.11No.13,p.89

Steinbach, Manitoba, History of:  No.8ptII,p.1(Feature),p.7,15No.9ptI,p.1(Feature),56No.9ptII,p.1(Feature),10,18No.10ptI,p.70No.11,p.29No.12,p.54,79

Steinbach, Russia 1919:  No.8ptII,p.5

Steinbach: Is There A Place Like it, by Gerald Wright:  No.1,p.3 (Book Review)

Stoesz Family Origins:  No.7,p.34

Stoesz, Conrad (contributor):  No.13,p.33

Stoesz, Cornelius (b.1869) & Anna (Giesbrecht):  No.13,p.62

Stoesz, David (b.1842), Aeltester:  No.11,p.90No.12,p.2-5No.13,p.62

Strassburg, E.R.:  No.7,p.4,20,35No.8ptI,p.16No.8ptII,p.51No.11,p.51

Subjects or Citizens?: The Mennonite Experience in Canada 1870-1925, by Adolf Ens:  No.6,p.31 (Book Review)

Tables:  No.8ptII,p.60

Tannenau, E.R.:  No.10ptII,p.7

Tapestry of Ancestral Footprints: Groenings Duecks Enns Koops Friesens Kroekers, by Helena Koop Johnson:  No.7,p.55 (Book Review)

Teachers Conference (East Reserve) 1879:  No.12,p.71

Teachers:  (see School teachers)

Telephone Exchange in Steinbach:  No.9ptII,p.19

Templars:  No.11,p.39

Thiem-White, W.:  No.8ptI,p.14

Thiessen, Abraham F. (b.1832):  No.8ptI,p.50No.12,p.13

Thiessen, Don, Rev. (contributor):  No.8ptII,p.63No.10ptII,p.84

Thiessen, Franz (b.1833) & Elisabeth (Sawatzky):  No.8ptII,p.32,64

Thiessen, Frieda, Descendants of Klaas F. Penner and Maria PennerNo.13,p.128 (Book Review)

Thiessen, Jakob & Anna (Enns):  No.10ptII,p.19

Thiessen, Jakob H. (b.1861):  No.8ptII,p.33No.13,p.63

Thiessen, Janis (contributor):  No.3,p.4,7

Thiessen, Johann W. (b.1813):  No.6,p.30No.10ptI,p.10No.10ptII,p.18

Thiessen, Peter F. (b.1859) and Margaretha (Janzen):  No.10ptII,p.18

Those Were the Days: Jake Penner Stories, by Jake Penner:  No.7,p.54 (Book Review)

Three Hundred Years: Peter Penner (1850-1924) and Margaretha Wiebe (1854-1945): From Danzig and Elbing, Prussia to Chortitza and Bergthal, Russia to Rudnerweide, Manitoba, by Penner Family History Committee:  No.10ptII,p.8 1 (Book Review)

Through Fire and Water: An Overview of Mennonite History, by Harry Loewen, Steven Nolt with Carol Duerksen, and Elwood Yoder:  No.10ptII,p.81 (Book Review)

Through the Scent of Water, by Margaret Penner Toews:  No.10ptII,p.82 (Book Review)

Toews, Anna Warkentin (b.1843):  No.10ptII,p.23

Toews, Audrey Fast (contributor):  No.9ptII,p.17No.10ptI,p.47,49No.11,p.64

Toews, Bernard, Reise-Tagebuch. Mennonitische Chaco-Expedition 1921No.13,p.133 (Book Review)

Toews, Cornelius C.F. (b.1867) & Katharina (Friesen):  No.8ptI,p.16

Toews, Cornelius P. (b.1836):  No.9ptII,p.48No.10ptI,p.73No.10ptII,p.50

Toews, Elizabeth Reimer (b.1843):  No.8ptII,p.12,17

Toews, Ernest P. (contributor):  No.8ptII,p.12,15No.9ptI,p.56No.10ptI,p.70No.12,p.79

Toews, Ernie P. et al, Steinbach 1946-1996: So Much to CelebrateNo.11,p.100 (Book Review)

Toews, Ernie P., Peter R. Toews 1872-1953No.13,p.130 (Book Review)

Toews, Hildegarde (contributor):  No.12,p.35

Toews, Irene (contributor):  No.10ptI,p.65

Toews, Jakob B. (b.1853):  No.11,p.101

Toews, Jakob L.:  No.11,p.101

Toews, John B., Mennonite Stories of Faith and Survival in Stalinist RussiaNo.13,p.126 (Book Review)

Toews, Margaret Penner (contributor):  No.10ptII,p.23

Toews, Margaret Penner, Through the Scent of WaterNo.10ptII,p.82 (Book Review)

Toews, Maria Wiebe (b.1889):  No.10ptI,p.58,64No.13,p.65

Toews, Peter & Elizabeth (Reimer):  No.10ptI,p.81

Toews, Peter B. (b.1859) and Anna (Toews):  No.10ptII,p.50

Toews, Peter C. (b.1874) & Caroline (nee Eck):  No.5,p.12No.12,p.81

Toews, Peter K. (b.1865) and Anna (Sawatzky):  No.10ptI,p.69

Toews, Peter P. (b.1839) & Elizabeth (Reimer):  No.8ptII,p.12,17

Toews, Peter P. (b.1841), Aeltester:  No.5,p.2No.10ptII,p.23-25

Toews, Peter R. (b.1872):  No.13,p.130

Toews, Peter W. (b.1831) & Aganetha Barkman:  No.10ptII,p.50No.11,p.85

Toews, Peter, Reeve (b.1839):  No.10ptI,p.69

Tornadoes on East Reserve:  No.11,p.74No.13,p.98

Training Servant Leaders: A History of Steinbach Bible College 1936-1996, by Jerry Hildebrand:  No.10ptII,p.84 (Book Review)

Trees, Apple:  No.6,p.27

Unger, Helen R. (contributor):  No.7,p.14,30No.8ptI,p.22

Unger, Helen Wiebe (contributor):  No.9ptII,p.54

Unger, Kornelius (b.1860) & Elizabeth (Wiebe):  No.13,p.63

University Degree, Mennonite Pioneer Women with:  No.10ptII,p.7

Urry, James:  No.2,p.4

Veer, Ted de (contributor):  No.8ptII,p.30

Verstossene Kind:  (see Peters, John b.1863 and Katharina Falk)

Visser, Piet and Mary S. Sprunger, Menno Simons: Places Portraits and ProgenyNo.10ptII,p.83 (Book Review)

Vogt Family History, by Roy Vogt, Margaret Kroeker, and Elfrieda Neufeld:  No.6,p.32 (Book Review)

Vogt, Alfred van:  No.10ptII,p.66No.13,p.65

Vogt, Andreas (b.1854) & Aganetha (Block) (b.1857):  No.6,p.32No.7,p.6No.9ptII,p.28

Vogt, Anna (b.1883) (see also Vogt, Aganetha Block):  No.8ptI,p.26No.13,p.90-91

Vogt, Peter A.:  No.9ptII,p.21

Vogt, Roy (Dr.) (contributor):  No.7,p.6No.9ptII,p.21

Vogt, Roy, Kroeker, Margaret, and Neufeld, Elfrieda, A Vogt Family HistoryNo.6,p.32 (Book Review)

Vogt, Roy:  No.10ptI,p.34

Vogt, Wilhelm (b.1843) & Anna Quiring:  No.10ptII,p.66

Volhynians:  No.3,p.5

Vollwerk:  (see also Peters, Jakob, Oberschulze);  No.3,p.9No.5,p.11No.7,p.27No.11,p.69No.13,p.74

Von Dnjepr zum Paraguay Fluss, by Victor Janzen:  No.7,p.55 (Book Review)

Voth, Marjorie Ann, Cornelius Wiebe 1877-1974No.9ptII,p.69 (Book Review)

Waisenamt (see also Waisenman):  No.10ptI,p.9,13No.11,p.83

Waisenman:  No.8ptI,p.36No.11,p.35No.12,p.4 (Cornelius T. Friesen)No.8ptII,p.13 (Gerhard Schellenberg)No.9ptII,p.3 (Jakob M. Barkman)No.10ptI,p.66 (Jakob Enns)No.11,p.3 (Peter Friesen)No.12,p.102

Wall, John, et al, The Descendants of OHM Abraham Wiebe (1831-1991)No.13,p.128 (Book Review)

Warkentin, Abe, Dies und DasNo.12,p.109 (Book Review)

Warkentin, Cornelius (b.1777):  No.10ptII,p.67

Warkentin, Heinrich (b.1833):  No.10ptI,p.26

Warkentin, Johann and Anna (Loewen):  No.10ptII,p.23

Warkentin, Maria (Friesen, b.1869):  No.9ptII,p.47

Watches:  No.6,p.24

Weiland, Marigan (b.1876):  No.10ptI,p.52No.12,p.103

Werner, Hans P. (contributor):  No.6,p.31No.13,p.127

Whatshan Valley Settlement:  (see Needles, B.C.)

Where Once They Toiled: A Visit to the Former Mennonite Homelands in the Vistula Valley, by Edward Brandt:  No.1,p.3 (Book Review)

Wiebe Family Origins (Bergthaler):  No.13,p.60

Wiebe Mountain:  (see Needles, B.C.)

Wiebe, Abraham (b.1752):  No.5,p.6No.8ptI,p.48

Wiebe, Abraham (b.1831):  No.13,p.128

Wiebe, Abram (b.1848):  No.5,p.6No.9ptII,p.31No.10ptI,p.14No.13,p.63

Wiebe, Abram and Helena (Kehler, b.1858):  No.10ptI,p.67

Wiebe, Armin:  No.8ptI,p.35,48No.13,p.63

Wiebe, Bernhardt (b.1913):  No.11,p.58No.13,p.62

Wiebe, Bruce (contributor):  No.6,p.32No.12,p.105

Wiebe, Cornelius (b.1848):  No.9ptII,p.69

Wiebe, Cornelius (b.1853):  No.10ptII,p.81

Wiebe, Cornelius (b.1877):  No.9ptII,p.69

Wiebe, Diedrich D. (b.1868):  No.6,p.12No.11,p.7

Wiebe, Diedrich F. (Dick) (contributor):  No.5,p.10No.6,p.12No.7,p.22

Wiebe, George R., et al., Heinrich Fast Reimer and Margaret Warkentin Family BookNo.5,p.15 (Book Review)

Wiebe, Gerhard (Aeltester) (b.1827):  No.6,p.1(Feature)No.12,p.54No.13,p.61No.13,p.128

Wiebe, Gerhard (b.1772):  No.8ptI,p.12No.10ptI,p.65

Wiebe, Gerhard F. (b.1888):  No.12,p.54-56

Wiebe, Heinrich (b.1853) & Maria (Abrams, b.1862):  No.10ptI,p.65

Wiebe, Heinrich F.:  No.5,p.15-16

Wiebe, Helen (contributor):  No.12,p.54

Wiebe, Jacob & Maria (nee Thielmann):  No.12,p.74

Wiebe, Jacob (b.1835):  No.8ptI,p.10No.10ptI,p.49,65No.13,p.64

Wiebe, Jacob D. (b.1865):  No.6,p.9No.12,p.54-56

Wiebe, Jacob P. (b.1858):  No.13,p.65

Wiebe, Jacob T. (b.1872):  No.9ptI,p.50

Wiebe, Johann (b.1831) & Margaretha (Funk):  No.13,p.64

Wiebe, Johann (b.1837) Aeltester & Judith (Wall):  No.13,p.66No.13,p.128

Wiebe, Johann (b.1866):  No.5,p.7

Wiebe, Johann D. (b.1853) and Barbara (Peters):  No.6,p.9

Wiebe, Johann P. (b.1862):  No.8ptI,p.12No.13,p.64

Wiebe, Katherine Friesen (contributor):  No.7,p.12No.8ptI,p.36No.11,p.90

Wiebe, Kornelius (b.1826):  No.8ptI,p.48No.13,p.63

Wiebe, Maryanne, The Jakob L. Toews FamilyNo.11,p.101 (Book Review)

Wiebe, Peter (b.1797) and Margaretha:  No.8ptII,p.64

Wiebe, Peter (b.1841) & Judith (Penner):  No.10ptII,p.66

Wiebe, Peter B. (b.1854) and Anna (Wiebe):  No.8ptII,p.64

Wiebe, Peter D. (contributor):  No.5,p.6

Wiebe, Peter S. (b.1888) and Justina (Dueck):  No.6,p.9

Wiebe, Rose (contributor):  No.3,p.3

Wiebe, Susanna (Kroeker, b.1911):  No.13,p.14

Wiebe, Ted (contributor):  No.7,p.32No.8ptII,p.31

Wiebe, Ted, Heinrich F. Wiebe Family Book 1852-1992No.5,p.15 (Book Review)

Wiens, Anne (contributor):  No.10ptI,p.53

Wiens, Hans & Suse:  No.13,p.19

Wiens, Ted (contributor):  No.8ptII,p.63

Willms, Heinrich (b.1815) and Anna (Warkentin, b.1824):  No.10ptII,p.69

Windmills on E.R.:  No.9ptI,p.42

Wohlgemuth, Johann and Anna (Barkman):  No.10ptII,p.77

Women in Mennonite Society:  (see Women, Pioneer)

Women's Publishing:  No.10ptI,p.58

Women's Rights 1820's:  No.8ptI,p.49

Women, Pioneer:  No.10ptI,p.1(Feature)

Wood Engravings:  No.12,p.37

Wright, Gerald (contributor):  No.12,p.46,58

Wright, Gerald, Steinbach: Is There a Place Like ItNo.1,p.3 (Book Review)

Writers, Mennonite:  (see also Women's Publishing);  No.10ptII,p.66No.12,p.110-116No.13,p.43,89

Writing Protocol:  No.7,p.24

Year of Lesser, A, by David Bergen:  No.10ptII,p.81 (Book Review)

Yoder, John W., Rosanna of the AmishNo.12,p.111-113 (Book Review)

Zaporizhya Archives:  No.8ptI,p.32

Zaporozhye Revisited:  No.11,p.31